Your Samsung Galaxy S20 pre-order might arrive several days earlier than expected


The Samsung Galaxy S20 US release date is March 6, just a few days away at the time of writing, but it seems some people who have pre-ordered the phones might not have to wait that long.

That’s according to DroidLife, which is reporting its Galaxy S20 pre-order (as well as those of a few people who have written in to the site, by the sounds of it) is actually scheduled to come several days early according to tracking sites.

Some lucky Samsung phone fans, then, are going to be able to play with their new devices before they’re officially supposed to. These are all pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus, and it seems no pre-order units for the Galaxy S20 Ultra are getting shipped early. You’ll still have to wait until March 6 for that one.

Well, in the UK you’ll have to wait until March 13 for all these phones (sorry!) and it seems the early pre-order dispatches have only occurred in the US, so people who have pre-ordered the handsets elsewhere will still have to wait.

It’s not clear at this time who will receive the phone early, whether it depends on region or provider, or some other factor, so we’re sorry to say we can’t predict whether you’ll receive your device early. It’s worth checking yourself, though.

Seemingly ready for this news, Verizon (a US service provider) has already rolled out the first firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones, so if you’ve got one of the devices already it’s possible to get this upgrade now.

If you didn’t receive your new Samsung phone early, there’s not long to go until the official release date, so you won’t have to wait long until you’re playing with the 120Hz refresh rate, WQHD+ screen, multitudinous rear cameras or whatever other feature you’re looking forward to.

Did you receive your Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 Plus early, and if so how are you finding it? Let us know at @techradar on Twitter or @TechRadar on Facebook.

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