With broadband installations now a no-go, 4G home broadband deals are your saviour


With strict lockdowns and self-isolation rules now fully in place, the installation of broadband has quickly become a mammoth task. Of course, if you have a phone line, most providers will supply an easy switch. If you don’t…it’s time to get creative and look at 4G home broadband deals.

Put simply, when you don’t already have a phone line set up in your property, an engineer will need to come round and install one to get your internet up and running – an obvious no-go.

For those who already have one, most broadband deals simply require plugging in your new router meaning for now you’re safe to do this. For the former group, there is an easy workaround – 4G home broadband and mobile broadband.

In essence, these are broadband routers that require no set-up. They work using SIM cards placed into routers, meaning you can skip the faff of cables, installations and other now troublesome issues.

And despite not running through traditional cables, they remain a powerful option as long as you live somewhere with strong 4G connections. You can still connect multiple devices, stream, game and work from home with ease.

Below we’ve included everything you need to know about these alternative options including the best deals, how it works and the kind of contract lengths you can get.

Best 4G home broadband and mobile broadband:

1. Three is the all-round king:

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Three Home Broadband with Huawei AI Cube | 12-month contract | £42 upfront | Unlimited data | £32 a month
Three is an all-round winner for 4G home broadband. It offers unlimited data use to 60+ devices for just £32 a month. And, if you extend the contract to two years, you can drop the cost even further. Three also has a second router which is even cheaper and available from just 1-month rolling contracts through to cheaper two year plans.
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2. EE’s superfast speeds are discounted:

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EE Mobile Broadband with 4GEE Home Router | 18-month contract | 100GB data | £40 £35 a month
Obviously, the major benefit to EE is its speeds. As the UK’s fastest 4G network, EE will be the option to go for if you like your internet consistently fast. And right now you can get it at a discounted price. This comes in as the cheapest plan but also the lowest data cap.
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EE Mobile Broadband with 4GEE Home Router | 18-month contract | 200GB data | £50 £40 a month
Need a bit more data? 200GB of data each month will be plenty for most people, allowing for plenty of streaming, social media use, email and more with data leftover.
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3. The cheapest router out there:

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Three E5573bs-322 Mi-Fi | 24-month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £22 a month
Three’s mi-fi plan will be perfect for anyone who needs to rapidly get their internet up and running at a low cost. It doesn’t cost anything upfront and even on a monthly basis, you’ll only end up spending £22 a month. At this price, you’re getting unlimited data. You can go for a shorter contract but it will cost slightly more.
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How fast is 4G home broadband and how does it work?

Unlike regular broadband, 4G home broadband operates through air waves instead of cables. In this sense, it’s more similar to the way your phone operates when using mobile data.

Also unlike regular broadband there is no set-up process needed. All you need to do is plug in the router and your internet is ready to go. That means you can use it in any part of your house.

In terms of how fast this will be, it completely depends on where you live. It is worth doing a speed test on your phone to see what kind of speeds you will be getting. It will also depend on the network that you use.

However, both 4G home broadband and mobile broadband will be faster than ADSL regular internet and in most situations, will keep up or even exceed fibre internet. This means you can stream, game and work from home with ease.

Can I get 5G home broadband?

Yes…! If you live in a 5G enabled area you will be free to get 5G home broadband. Obviously these are few and far between so check the locations that supply 5G to the network you’re choosing before you purchase – we have it all laid out on our 5G phone deals guide.

However, the good news here is that with both Three and Vodafone, all of the packages are both 4G and 5G compatible meaning you will gain the speeds of whatever area you’re in.

The best ‘regular’ broadband deals compared


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