What’s new on Netflix Australia for April 2020


As the number of shows and movies available to stream in Australia continues to grow at an impressive rate, it can be tough to keep up with all the new additions to each streaming service each month.

We’ve all come to anticipate a new stable of Netflix Originals releases each month, but figuring out which shows they are and when exactly they become available isn’t so easy. And what about the large number licensed shows and films that are made available to stream, if only for a limited time?

In an effort to keep you informed of the best shows and movies that are in the process of being added to Netflix, we’ll be bringing you an updated list of what you can expect on the service on a monthly basis. 

Not only that, we’ll also be singling out the biggest releases, as well as a number of quality TV shows and films which we believe deserve your Netflixing time. 

Admittedly a light month in terms of new Originals, Netflix has made up for the fact with a slew of classic movies – here’s what’s new on Netflix in April 2020. Check out Netflix’s newest offerings below!

TV shows highlights for April 2020

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020: Part 3 (7/4/2020) 

Terrace House: Tokyo

(Image credit: Netflix)

A reality show with a twist, Japanese series Terrace House has taken the world by storm by offering a glimpse into the lives of young people in Tokyo without the usual manufactured drama that plagues the format. Instead, we get a group of respectful young adults who speak frankly about their hopes and aspirations. Lightening things up as always is a panel of personalities who chime in a few times per episode to offer hilarious commentary on what has transpired. As we enter the third part of the current series, Ruka takes his next step, while Hana meets new rivals. 

After Life: Season 2 (24/4/2020) 

After Life

(Image credit: Netflix)

In this deadpan comedy-drama series, Ricky Gervais stars as Tony, a small-town writer for the local newspaper whose life is turned upside down following the death of his wife from cancer. Series 2 finds Tony still struggling with his grief, though he is making an effort to be a better friend to the people around him. Problems intensify, however, when the paper Tony works for faces possible closure.

Movies highlights for April 2020

Sergio (17/4/2020)  


(Image credit: Netflix)

Wagner Moura of Narcos-fame returns to Netflix in Sergio, a rousing story (based on true events) about a UN diplomat whose life is thrown into chaos following the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq. The assignment in Baghdad was meant to be a short one, however, when a bomb blast causes the walls of the UN headquarters to come literally crashing down upon him, Sergio is thrown into a gripping life-or-death struggle. Will he be able come through the other side unscathed and reunite with his beautiful partner (Ana de Armas)?

The Breakfast Club (10/4/2020) 

The Breakfast Club

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

The late writer-director John Hughes delivered his crowning achievement in 1985 with The Breakfast Club, one of the most influential teen dramas of all time. The film follows five teenagers who are called in for a Saturday detention. Over the course of a full day, Claire (Molly Ringwald) the princess, Andrew (Emilio Estevez) the athlete, Bender (Judd Nelson) the criminal, Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) the brain and Allison (Ally Sheedy) the basket case each come to terms with themselves and how they perceive each other, realising that they all have more in common than they originally thought.

BlacKkKlansman (5/4/2020) 


(Image credit: Focus Features)

Spike Lee’s Oscar-winning BlacKkKlansman tells the true story of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), an African American police officer in the 1970s who used his supreme conversation skills to infiltrate the Klu Klux Klan over the phone. Of course, a white officer would be needed for face-to-face meetups with the infamous hate group – enter Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), a Jewish cop tasked with gaining the trust of the most racist organisation in America. Hilarious, thought-provoking and incredibly intense, BlacKkKlansman is Spike Lee’s best film in years.

…and the rest for April 2020


El Dragón: Return of a Warrior: Season 2 (17/4/2020)

Nailed It!: Season 4 (1/4/2020)

Sunderland ‘Til I Die: Season 2 (1/4/2020)

La casa de papel: Part 4 (3/4/2020)

The Circle Game (Coming Soon)

Brews Brothers (10/4/2020)

Outer Banks (15/4/2020)

Too Hot to Handle (17/4/2020)

Fary: Hexagone: Season 2 (16/4/2020)

Fauda: Season 3 (16/4/2020)

Cooked with Cannabis (20/4/2020)

The Midnight Gospel (20/4/2020)

Absurd Planet (22/4/2020)

Win the Wilderness (22/4/2020)

The House of Flowers: Season 3 (23/4/2020)

The Last Kingdom: Season 4 (26/4/2020)

Never Have I Ever (27/4/2020)

Nadiya’s Time to Eat (29/4/2020)

Extracurricular (29/4/2020)

Summertime (29/4/2020)

The Victims’ Game (30/4/2020)

The Forest of Love: Deep Cut (30/4/2020)


Riverdale: Season 4 (New Episodes)


Willy and the Guardians of the Lake: Tales from the Lakeside Winter Adventure (27/3/2020)

Coffee & Kareem (3/4/2020).

Money Heist: The Phenomenon (3/4/2020)

Tigertail (10/4/2020)

Love Wedding Repeat (10/4/2020)

The Main Event  (10/4/2020)

Betonrausch (17/4/2020)

Legado en los huesos (17/4/2020)

Earth and Blood (La terre et le sang) (17/4/2020)

El silencio del pantano (22/4/2020)

The Plagues of Breslau (22/4/2020)

Extraction (24/4/2020)

Rich in Love (Ricos de Amor) (30/4/2020)

Dangerous Lies  (30/4/2020)


The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (1/4/2020)

David Batra: Elefanten I Rummet (1/4/2020)

Chris D’Elia: No Pain (14/4/2020)

Mauricio Meirelles: Levando o Caos (16/4/2020)

Middleditch & Schwartz (21/4/2020)

Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill (24/4/2020)


How to Fix a Drug Scandal (1/4/2020)

LA Originals (10/4/2020)

The Innocence Files (15/4/2020)

ARASHI’s Diary -Voyage- ep 5&6 (Coming Soon)

A Secret Love (29/4/2020)

Circus of Books (22/4/2020)

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story (29/4/2020)


Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy (3/4/2020)

StarBeam (3/4/2020)

The Big Show Show (6/4/2020)

The Last Kids on Earth: Book 2 (17/4/2020)

The Willoughbys  (22/4/2020)

Hello Ninja: Season 2 (24/4/2020) 


Hi Score Girl: Season 2 (9/4/2020)

Drifting Dragons  (30/4/2020)


The Breakfast Club (10/4/2020)

American Pie (10/4/2020)

Bridge to Terabithia (1/4/2020)

Bad Boys (1/4/2020)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1/4/2020)

Crazy, Stupid, Love (1/4/2020)

Community: Season 1 – 6 (1/4/2020)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (1/4/2020)

Sniper: Legacy (1/4/2020)

The Cold Light Of Day (1/4/2020)

That’s My Boy (1/4/2020)

Friday (1/4/2020)

Next Friday (1/4/2020)

Friday After Next (1/4/2020)

Saving Private Ryan (1/4/2020)

Flight (1/4/2020)

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat (1/4/2020)

The First Wives Club (1/4/2020)

Bad Boys II (1/4/2020)

Happily N’Ever After (1/4/2020)

Superman Returns (1/4/2020)

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (1/4/2020)

Lion (1/4/2020)

The Fugitive (1/4/2020)

When a Stranger Calls (1/4/2020)

Money Monster  (1/4/2020)

Don’t Breathe (1/4/2020)

An Officer and a Gentleman (1/4/2020)

Shaun of the Dead (10/4/2020)

Jaws 3 (10/4/2020)

Hannibal (10/4/2020)

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (10/4/2020)

Get Him to the Greek (10/4/2020)

The Land Before Time (10/4/2020)

Jaws 2 (10/4/2020)

Meet Joe Black  (10/4/2020)

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (10/4/2020)

Smokey and the Bandit (10/4/2020)

American Wedding (10/4/2020)

American Pie 2 (10/4/2020)

Death Race (10/4/2020)

The Mummy (10/4/2020)

American Reunion (10/4/2020)

The Mummy Returns (10/4/2020)

The Scorpion King (10/4/2020)

The Hangover: Part II (15/4/2020)

Richie Rich (15/4/2020)

Dennis the Menace (15/4/2020)

Stardust (27/4/2020)

What’s coming next month and beyond?

Netflix has has big plans for 2020, with a number of high-profile shows and movies confirmed for release on the service. Keep coming back to this page each month to find out when they’ll be available to stream!


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