Sixth set of human remains found in Lake Mead this year

More human remains have been found at Lake Mead, the sixth set discovered this year.

The United States’ largest reservoir has dropped to a record low due to intense and persistent drought conditions in the West, revealing long-hidden corners of the lakebed.

Divers have found more human remains at drought-stricken Lake Mead near Las Vegas, authorities said Thursday.

According to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a National Park Service dive team verified Oct. 18 that a bone recovered a day earlier in Callville Bay was part of "human skeletal remains" on the Nevada side of the Colorado River reservoir below Hoover Dam.

"No foul play is suspected," the statement added, adding the Clark County coroner's office in Las Vegas was identifying the deceased.

The water level has dropped more than 180 feet since the lake was full in 1983, putting it at less than 27% full today.

Las Vegas police are investigating the killing of a man discovered stuffed in a barrel at Hemenway Harbor on May 1. He was shot, likely between the mid-1970s and the early 1980s.