How to Get Zorua in Pokemon Go?

Zorua is back in Pokemon Go and many players are wondering where Zorua spawns and how to get one.

Zorua made its Pokemon Go during the Shuppet Spotlight Hour, but due to a bug, Niantic and Pokemon Go decided to remove it temporarily from the game,

now it’s available again. They made an official announcement this time confirming that Zorua is now appearing worldwide in Pokemon Go.

Zorua is now available in the wild, spawning as disguised Buddy. It spawns randomly and has random IVs.

 It shows up as your Buddy from daily incense. Also, you don’t need to play or interact in any way with your Buddy this time.

Now, if you are wondering how many Zorua you catch, the answer is more than one. Yes, this is not a “one and done” thing, and reports say some players got six Zorua in five minutes.

You can’t transfer or trade Zorua at the moment.