5 New Steam Games You probably missed

Sorting through every new game on steam so you dont have to

BioShock is a retrofuturistic video game series created by Ken Levine, published by 2K Games and developed by several studios, including Irrational Games and 2K Marin

Lucy Dreaming is inspired and influenced by the classic 90s point & click adventure games, from its beautifully-realised pixel-art style to its irreverent, sarcastic humour

Embark on a road trip like no other in this co-op narrative survival adventure. Visit fun locations, meet wacky characters, and manage your resources wisely

Faith is a survival horror video game developed by Airdorf Games for Windows. The game consists of three chapters; the first two were self-published by Airdorf Games in October 2017 and February 2019

Fhtagn Simulator is a Roguelike card game inspired by deck-building games such as Luck be a Landlord, Slay the Spire, and Monster Train

Released. Oct 21, 2022. Robot Resistors is a rogue-lite action game with auto-attacking weapons and deep customization