Truth or Dare Bot

Truth or dare bot is designed to make conversations with your friend more fun and exciting! The bot has truth or dare questions, never have I ever prompts, and would you rather questions. Together, the bot has over 1500 questions for you to answer. Add it to your server today to try it out!

Truth or dare bot

How to Add or Invite Truth or Dare Bot on your server?

Truth or dare bots are fun games where players answer questions from other players. They are also known as T&D bots. In general, they are played on Discord servers, but you can add them to your own server too.

T&D bots are often used in game rooms and groups. They offer a way to play games without having to leave the chat room. In addition, they provide a safe environment for children who might otherwise be exposed to inappropriate language.

You can easily add a T&D bot to your server using our Discord API. Once added, you can control the bot’s behavior through the Discord web interface. For example, you can restrict its access to certain channels or even ban it altogether.

1) Open Discord App

2) Click on “Add” Icon

3) Search for “Truth or Dare Bot”

4) Select “Add” button

5) Enter Server Name & Password (if required)

6) Click on “Join” Button

7) Done! You can now start using Truth or Dare Bot on Discord.

8) If you want to invite someone else to join the same server, then click on “Invite” icon.

9) Type in their username and press enter.

10) Done! They will be added into the server as well.

11) Now type /tobot to see all the commands available.

12) To add another user, simply type /add

How to use Truth or Dare Bot Discord [ Truth or Dare Commands ]

The truth or dare bot is a great way to keep your friends entertained as well as get to know them better. It can be used by anyone who wants to stay connected with his/her friends even if they are busy doing other things. This means that you don’t need to be online at any given moment to enjoy the features of this bot. In fact, you can use this bot from anywhere in the world and still get to enjoy the benefits of using it. Therefore, You can choose between many different types of questions ranging from easy to difficult so that you can challenge yourself. In addition to this, there are various other features that you can avail from the truth or dare bot.

Discord Bots are virtual friends who play games together. They’ve brought old games back to life by creating new versions of them. These games were once played as children, but now they’re being played again.

Truth or Dare Bot is a bot that makes people play games together. It provides them with a great fun activity to do and kill boredom, thus making them active all time. This bot is simple another gaming tool that will make your servers more interesting and fun.

Truth or Dare Bot Not Working?

Are you tired of playing Truth or Dare with friends? Are you looking for something new? If yes, then you should try out our new Truth or Dare bot. The Truth or Dare bot allows you to play games against other players from around the world.

The Truth or Dare bot is a game where you answer questions and choose between two options. The bot randomly selects a question and answers it using its knowledge base. After answering the question, it asks you whether you want to answer another question. Hence, This continues until you say no to a question.

We designed the Truth or Dare bot to be fun and interactive. It also has a simple interface and user friendly features. It is very easy to use and requires minimal effort from you.


Truth or Dare Bot Commands

Run /help in your server (or type help) to see a list of all commands.

Command Description Usage
Dare Gives a dare that has to be completed. /dare [rating]
Truth Gives a truth question to be answered. /truth [rating]
Nhie Gives a random Never Have I Ever question. /nhie [rating]
Wyr It gives a random, Would You Rather question /wyr [rating]
Tod Gives a random truth or dare question. /tod [rating]
Paranoia Gives a paranoia question or sends one to a user. /paranoia [user] [rating]
Disable Rating Disable a question rating in a channnel. /settings disablerating
Enable Rating Enable a question rating in a channnel. /settings enablerating
Mute Channel Disable the bot’s commands in a channel. /settings [mute/unmute]


Truth or dare bot that helps users play games together. It is an ideal tool for those who love to play games and wish to spend some quality time with their friends. We hope you enjoyed this article about Truth or Dare Bot. Do share this post with your friends.