These SIM-free Google Pixel 4 deals now come with £150 in cashback


When the Google Pixel 4 launched, it hit with a price tag a fair bit higher than we were expecting. But luckily, there’s now a way to quite drastically reduce that cost…for a limited time.

On a host of SIM-free Google Pixel 4 deals across a range of retailers, Google is offering up a pretty hefty £150 in cashback. That means you can currently knock the Pixel 4’s RRP down from £699 to just £519.

Go for the larger Google Pixel 4 XL and it’s a similar situation. The RRP stands at £829 but once you’ve purchased it, you will receive cashback to bring the cost down to just £679.

While this cashback is available from a few retailers, John Lewis feels like the best place to go. On top of the cashback available, you can also get a two year guarantee on your device.

There is an end date set for this cashback promotion but there is no need to madly rush. It comes to and on March 31, giving you the entirety of March to grab it.


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