Mobile phone deals: these retailers are still delivering iPhones, Samsung and more


One look at the news will tell you that grocery delivery services are at a premium and products of all varieties are selling out left, right and centre. So for people who were planning on getting a new mobile phone deal, where does that leave you?

Well luckily for anyone needing to buy a new device, most retailers are continuing on as normal. Whether you’re looking to buy SIM-free phones, go onto a contract or pick up a new SIM only deal, they’re still readily available across the big name networks and online stores.

Of course, deliveries are now taking longer and special measures are being put into place so that you don’t have to meet the delivery driver, but otherwise you are free to order.

The likes of Carphone Warehouse, Very, John Lewis,, Affordable Mobiles and more are all still open but obviously, you will have to order online – click and collect options are a big no go.

Below, we’ve included all of the big names and everything you need to know about ordering mobile phone deals from them right now.

Retailers still delivering mobile phone deals:

Carphone Warehouse:
The first name that will come to the minds of most people, Carphone Warehouse is still delivering exactly as it was before. However, it has stated on the site that delays should be expected.
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The more affordable brother to Carphone Warehouse, is contiuning to stock as normal. In fact, it is currently offering a host of 48 hour sales across huge ranges of devices. On most of its deals, you can still get next day delivery.
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EE, the UK’s fastest 4G network, is continuing to make deliveries but judging from its website, stock seems to be coming and going so you could be waiting a bit longer for something to arrive.
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Sky Mobile:
Sky still appears to be delivering its phones. It hasn’t said anywhere that it will be stopping and you are still able to click through to the order stage across all phones. It does say they are extremely busy but this seems to be more for calls to their call centres.
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The obvious first place to look for many, Amazon is still delivering. However, it is running out of stock in some areas and is likely to be dealing with a massive amount of orders so you could find later delivery dates becoming an issue soon.
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John Lewis:
Obviously, its stores have closed and it is no longer doing click-and-collect, but apart from that, John Lewis is still going strong. Either through its app or online you can order a phone and still have it arrive in a couple of days.
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Very is still continuing to deliver and doesn’t seem to be changed much in this situation. It has insisted that it will continue to provide updates as to whether this changes.
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Other phone retailers you can still order from:


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