Is Argos still open after the coronavirus lockdown? home delivery advice and what’s still in stock


Argos stores are closing in a bid to protect their customers and staff from the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Despite 50 years of service, the retailer is now shifting focus to its online store, which remains open and still has many offers on electronics, garden furniture, home gym equipment, and much more.

Argos online offers a vast selection of goods – and it claims to still be providing fast delivery too. So while you can’t currently stroll down to your nearest Argos for a browse, you can still grab yourself an excellent Argos deal online and take advantage of the retailer’s handy same-day delivery service.

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Argos delivery starts at £3.95 for small items, which automatically entitles you to same-day delivery as long as you order before 6pm. If you’re ordering larger items, you may be able to get free delivery, depending on what you’re ordering and when you want it. 

So if you’re currently at home wondering how to entertain the kids, keep fit, or while away the hours with some games or shows – you’re in luck, as you can still buy all the things you need on Argos online.

We’ve included some helpful links below to get you to where you need to be quickly, as well as some advice and information regarding Argos delivery and store closures.

Our pick of Items still in stock

Home Gym | 8 in 1 Core training system | £54.99 at Argos
This small form factor multi-purpose training system is perfect if you want to work on your calisthenics but don’t have much floor space. It’s packed with power-assisted spring technology which gives you 3 resistance levels for a range of workouts, it also packs down flat, so it’s super handy for storage.
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Home Gym | Everlast 4ft Punch Bag| £69.99 at Argos
Let it all out with this 4ft punch bag from Everlast – because we all know we need some serious catharsis right now. Punch bags in general are a great way to keep fit for less and this 4fter won’t take up too much floor space – perfect for the garage or study.
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Home Gym | Twist & Shape exercise machine | £99.99 at Argos
With this Twist & Shape exercise machine you can still burn some calories and work on your toning despite being inside. It’s an easy to use and safe piece of equipment that will allow you to work on several muscle groups while reducing the strain on your knees and joints.
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Home Gym | Maxi Climber exercise machine | £129.99 at Argos
This vertical climbing system give’s you a great alternative to jogging and running – perfect for calorie burning at home. It works using your own body weight, providing a high-intensity workout that hits several muscle groups while still being low stress on your joints.
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Boredom buster | Monopoly classic | £20 at Argos
Monopoly is truly one of the best ways to while away the evenings with your whole family – arguments over rent aside. If you don’t have a copy in your cupboard or need to replace that old box, then don’t hesitate to pick it up.
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Boredom buster | Nintendo Switch Lite | £199.99 at Argos
There’s still some stock left on the Switch Lite right now at Argos – a cheap way to get into the expansive and massive world of Nintendo.  This one is the cut-down version of the Switch, so it doesn’t have docking capabilities, but it’s good for kids that just want a handheld device anyway. You can check it out’s awesome range of games here.View Deal

Garden Essentials | Spear & Jackson lawnmower | £70 at Argos
No excuses now, it’s time to mow that lawn. Currently hot on Argos is this Spear & Jackson corded rotary lawnmower, which is selling like hotcakes so we encourage you to act quickly if you need a lawnmower. Included with the purchase is a 3-year warranty, which is an excellent reason to buy this over other offerings.
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Home improvement | Black + Decker cordless drill | £40 at Argos
Time to put up those pictures that you’ve been meaning to do for ages with this cordless drill from Black and Decker. It’s cheap, it drills things, and it’s cordless – it’s also selling out fast so jump on it quickly if you need some essential home improvement tools.View Deal

Working from home | ASUS VivoBook 15 | £329.99 at Argos
Our pick for a cheap working from home laptop is this Asus VivoBook 15, which is still currently in stock. You’ll get a 128GB SSD, Pentium 5405U processor, and 4GB RAM – excellent specs for the money which should cover you for most work tasks, as well as media streaming and other home uses.
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Working from home | WD Elements 1TB portable HD | £39.99 at Argos
Running out of space? 1TB should see you through even the direst of circumstances with this portable hard drive from WD elements. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, and it will last you for ages if you look after it – perfect for work files, movies, photos or anything else you have in mind.
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Argos home delivery

Quick delivery is what really sets Argos apart as a retailer as you can get same-day delivery for just £3.95 and Argos will even deliver 7 days a week – super useful if you’re trying to fit delivery around a busy working from home or home schooling schedule.

If you’re buying small items, which can be delivered by one person, then you’re entitled to same-day delivery as long as you get your order in by 6pm. All small items cost £3.95 for delivery, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the fast track same-day service that’s on offer.

If you’re buying large appliances then you’ll get the added bonus of free delivery, although be aware that the fast track same-day delivery doesn’t apply to these items. You can of course still go for the next-day delivery option, which also means you can pick the delivery time slot that’s best for you.

For more information on Argos’s delivery times and charges, you can visit their delivery FAQ here.

Are any Argos stores open right now?

Certain Argos stores that are part of Sainsburys supermarkets remain open for business currently, meaning you can make use of their click and collect policy if you’re on your way to pick up essential food items. We’d of course strongly advise against this, as it’s essential that everybody puts the health of themselves and others above any other considerations right now. Thankfully Argos has some of the best home delivery in the business – it’s fast, cheap, and above all else convenient – so there’s no reason to not use it under current circumstances.


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