Hydra Discord Bot

Discord is a popular VoIP and chat application that allows gamers to connect with each other for gaming purposes. Discord also has a robust API that developers can use to create integrations and applications. One of the more popular Discord integrations is the Hydra Discord Bot. Introduced in late 2017, the Hydra Discord Bot allows users to listen to their favorite tunes with their friends. The Hydra Discord Bot is available on GitHub, and it is open source so you can customize it to your needs. In this blog post, we will show you how to install and use the Hydra Discord Bot. We will also show you how to configure the bot for your server. Let’s get started!

Hydra Discord BotDiscord is a voice and text chat app for gamers that allows you to easily find, join, and chat with friends. One of the great things about Discord is the number of bots that are available, which can add fun and functionality to your server. Today we’re going to take a look at Hydra Bot, a music bot that lets you listen to your favorite tunes with your friends. Let’s get started!

Hydra music bot is a popular discord server that can be used for playing and adding songs. It’s also been reported to have many commands which make it easy to accommodate any user on the platform, regardless of their skill level or experience in using bots like this one!

The hydra bot is a Music Player for Discord. It allows you to add songs on the music channel of your server, queue them up and play whatever song or playlist that suits your fancy! The features are similar with some added extras such as pause/resume abilities – all this can be done through simple commands in-game too so it’s not only useful while playing live but also if there were any times where someone needs help remembering what they wanted do because everything was blocked out due carelessness on their behalf (such errors happen).

This guide is designed to help you get started with Hydra. It contains four main sections:

  1. How To Invite/Add A Bot (for people who are new and want some assistance).
  2. Song Request Channel – This explains how the song request channel works on Hydra
  3. All Of Your Questions Answered About COMMANDS!!
  4. A finished product that provides a list all available commands in one place!

The information about the Hydra bot has been documented in this guide. It contains all possible how-to for using it, with screenshots from my own server where commands were tried and tested successfully! If you want anything else added (or removed) then just mention down below – I’ll do everything possible not to miss what is important 🙂

How do you get started with Hydra?

Connect your discord account and follow these steps to add the bot on your server.

Once done, enter /hydra or ?help hydra in order verify its functionality!

Invite Hydra Bot

To get started with the Hydra Bot,

  1. go to hydra-bot.
  2. You can find a button for inviting friends and partners on top of that fancy Support logo!
  3. To use the Hydra Bot, you will need to find and select your server from their list of available options.
  4. The app will now ask you to confirm that the permissions it is requesting from your phone’s operating system are okay. Tap on Authorize and go ahead with installing!
  5. Fill the captcha.
  6. You will be redirected to the Hydra Bot dashboard.
  7. Hydra Bot is a tool for Telegram that allows you to create roles and automate tasks easily. In the dashboard, users can customize their prefix as well change languages with ease by just clicking on them! They are also able use Hydra bot commands so all of these options aren’t limited at all when using this amazing app!!
  8. When you go to the discord server in which your hydra bot has been invited, there will be an message from it broadcasting its presence.
  9. To see if the bot is active and online, you can use @hydra command.

The Hydra Bot has now been successfully added to your discord server! You will be able see the bot icon in the right sidebar. I also would like you all join our support community group for Octave, so if ever face difficulty with it or any other aspect of using this wonderful software – just ask away and someone from there can help out ASAP

The new addition brings us up over 100 members since last week’s milestone approve-and we’re still growing fast as always 🙂

Hydra Bot Song Request Channel

With the Hydra Song request channel, you can create a separate text chat where all commands are sent directly to and from your bot. This makes it easier for one person to control what songs they want heard without worrying about others spamming or interrupting them with unwanted messages over other channels like normal! Additionally there’s no need worry either because this particular space will only allow users who have been granted access by administrator approval – which means if we know someone wants an exclusive listen then chances ARE good that their requests won’t get ignored 🙂

When the Hydra Song request channel is created, only those who call their special code in that particular text chat will get responses from bots.

How to Create Hydra Bot Song Request Channel?

To make a request for an instrumental song from Hydra Bot, follow these steps.

  1. Type .setup commands in the general text channel.
  2. To make it easier for users of our service, we are creating a new text channel with the title “Hydra Song Requests.”

How to Use Hydra Bot Song Request Channel?

  1. Click the channels with speakers icon and join a voice chat room.
  2. Voice is a powerful tool that can be used for many different purposes. Join the Voice Channel to make sure you never miss an important conversation!
  3. To play music in the Song Request Channel, all you have to do is type just one song’s name.
  4. The process to add songs in the queue is quite simple. All you have do it type out your desired playlist’s name and then press “complex.”
  5. You can use emotes to control the queue, like pause it and resume playing where you left off. You’ll also be able skip songs in your playlist or make a new one from scratch!
  6. You can now use commands like next, pause and resume to control the playlist. Below are some of our favorite keywords that you could try out in your server!

Hydra Bot Commands  2022

Hydra Bot DJ Commands

Commands Description
.clear Clears the current queue.
.leave Disconnects the bot from its current voice channel.
.loop Cycles through all three loop modes (queue, song, off).
.loop queue Loop the queue.
.loop song Loop the current playing song.
.loop off Turn looping off
.move <song number> Move the selected song to the top of the queue.
.move <from> <to> Move the selected song to the provided position.
.move swap <from> <to> Swap track positions in the queue.
.move last Move the last track in the queue to the top.
.pause Pauses the current playing song.
.remove <song number> Remove a specific song from the queue.
.remove cleanup Removes songs from users which left the voice channel.
.remove doubles Remove duplicate songs from the queue.
.remove range <from> <to> Remove a range of tracks from the queue.
.replay Replay the current song.
.resume Resumes the current paused song.
.seek mm:ss Seeks to a specific position in the current song.
.shuffle Shuffle the queue.
.shuffle fair Shuffles the queue fairly between users with songs in the queue.
.skip Lets you skip the current song.
.skip <trackNumber> Skips to a specific track in the queue.
.stop Stop the player and clear the queue.

Hydra Bot Admin Commands

Commands  Description
.announce Toggle sending of now playing messages on/off
.announce delete Toggle deletion of now playing messages on/off
.ban <user> Lets you ban users from controlling the bot.
.cleanup Clear command and bot messages.
.fix Tries to fix the server region.
.language Show the current configured language.
.language list List all available languages.
.language set <language key> Set the language on your server.
.limit Show current set limits.
.limit song <song amount> Set a song limit per user for non DJs.
.limit time mm:s Set a time limit per song for non DJs.
.limit song reset Reset the song limit per user for non DJs.
.limit time reset Reset the time limit per song for non DJs.
.limit reset Reset all limits.
.playlists Enables/disables the possibility of queueing playlists.
.prefix Show the current prefix.
.prefix <new prefix> Lets you set a new prefix.
.requester Enables/disables if the requester is shown on each track.
.setdj Show the current DJ roles.
.setdj <role> Add/Remove a DJ role.
.setdj reset Reset the DJ roles.
.setup Setup the unique songrequest channel.
.setup embed Setup the unique songrequest channel with the banner embedded.
.setvc List all restricted voice channels.
.setvc <voice channel> Restrict the bot to only join specific voice channels.
.setvc current Add your current voice channel to the restricted voice channels.
.setvc reset Reset the configured restricted voice channels.
.unban <user> Lets you unban users from controlling the bot.

How do get Hydra bot to work?

It’s important to be aware that sometimes the Hydra Bot might have issues. It may not respond or it could offline because of a Discord server outage, so make sure you check on their status page before continuing!

You should also give your bot sufficient permissions- this can easily done in settings tab when logged into an account with administrative privileges (if necessary). If there are still problems after doing these steps then try changing back default prefixes which were set during installation .

Some Great Music Bots

We hope you enjoy the Hydra Bot discord Guide. You can provide feedback about this article in our comment section and if there is anything specific that we might have missed or need to include, let us know!