How to Zoom In on Discord [Zoom IN or OUT] 2021

How to Zoom in on DiscordYou will learn how to zoom in on Discord and how to reset it to normal screen size.
Using CTRL + for zoom in(bigger) and CTRL – for zoom out(smaller), you can make the discord screen bigger or smaller depending on what’s best for your eyes.

It is now possible to change the font size on Discord Web and Discord PC, as many users have difficulty reading small text on Discord.

Zooming out can help you find the old messages more quickly. You can gain a better understanding of how to read old discord messages.

How to zoom in on Discord ? step by step guide

Here is a guide to understand the procedure to Zoom in or Zoom out process.

What is the Default Zoom level for Discord?

Chat font scaling and message group gaps are set to 16 PX on Discord, and the default zoom level is 100.

But it depends on you, where you can resize the discord screen to what suits your eye and what is suitable for your visibility.

How to Zoom IN on Discord?

how to zoom in on discord

You can zoom in on the Discord App, Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers using the following steps.

Zoom IN (+)

Step #1:- Navigate to your Discord dashboard

Step #2: Now, press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and then press the + key to zoom in on the screen.

You can increase the size of the screen as many times as you hold the CTRL key while pressing the + key. You can also scroll up using the mouse instead of pressing the + key.

How to Zoom OUT on Discord?

how to zoom out in discord

Zoom OUT (-)

Ste #1:- To zoom out of the discord screen, you need to press the – (minus) key.

Step #2:- Press and hold CTRL, then the – key on your keyboard to zoom out. When you hit the – key multiple times along with the CTRL key, the screen will become smaller and smaller.

The scroll down button on your mouse can be used while holding CTRL key.

A zoom option is also available on your browser, where you can choose the zoom size.

In Google Chrome, click on three dots > find Zoom > click + or – make the screen bigger or smaller.

how to zoom in out in google chrome

How to Reset Discord Zoom level to Default?

The discord users asked, my discord screen was zoomed in/out, how could I restore it to its original size.

In Discord, you can reset zoom through the shortcut key to its original size in the simplest and best way possible.

 For a reset of the screen size of Discord, use the shortcut CTRL + 0 (zero). You can use this shortcut key both on the App and in the Web client.

Manage Discord Text Size & Gap (Advanced)

Several users of Discord complain about the small discord text and want the text size reduced.

The name color in Discord can also be used on the screen to make reading easier.

In the Appearance section of Discord, there are many font management features.

  • Chat Font Scaling (Pixels)
  • Space between message groups (Pixels)
  • Zoom level

Chat font scaling: – Using chat font scaling, you can choose the size of the Discord chat text. By default, it is set to 16 PX. 

You can increase or reduce the pixels from discord chat font scaling.

Space between message groups:- This is the gap between chats between any two users in Discord to make them easier to read.

By default, it’s set to 16 PX. If you have issues recognizing the messages because of the low gap, you can slide to 24 PX for better readability.

Zoom Level:- Once again, this is the same thing that you read earlier; Additionally, Discord allows you to set your zoom level.


How to Manage Discord Text Size & Gap

You can manage Discord’s above features by following the below steps.

Step #1:- Click on the gear icon in your Discord dashboard, located at the very left-hand bottom, besides your username.

Step #2:- Scroll down in the Discord settings to find and click “Appearance” in the left-hand panel.

Step #3:- Scroll down to the “Accessibility” section of the Appearance settings. These are all the options you will find in this section.


The slider can be used to increase or decrease the pixels. You’ll be able to see the changes after you close the screen and go back to the Discord chat.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to zoom in or out of the screen accidentally while playing games or working on Discord, which is something you have already mastered.

You can improve your chat reading experience with the Discord advanced chat settings. You can also learn more about discord markdowns by going through the discord text formatting.

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