How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – 2023 (PC & Mobile)

How to Set a Custom Playing Status on DiscordA special feature of Discord is that it allows users to see which games their friends are playing as well as chat with them. I will walk you through a step-by-step process of setting a custom playing status on Discord both on PC and mobile.

You probably want to set your own game playing status so you can change the name of the game you’re playing or set the status of any game, even if you’re not playing.

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What is Custom Status on Discord?

Status updates your current status and availability on Discord, which makes it easier for other users to see your availability.

Discord has two types of status I can describe

  • Availability status
  • Playing status

By default, four statuses are available: inactive, visible, online, and do-not-disturb.

With the game activity feature, Discord detects the verified game running on your device and displays its name below your name in the playing status.

In this case, you can simply go with custom to show something different than the discord status. You can for example set a custom game status if you’re playing Minecraft and also want to show that you’re playing Roblox. Discord will automatically detect the game you play, so don’t worry if you are wondering how to show what you’re playing.

How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – PC

You’ll see your current game name underneath your username in discord’s now playing section.

So what you can do is to change the name of the game you’re playing

  • You can change the name of the game you’re playing
  • Even create fake playing statuses with custom messages

You can create a discord custom game status by following these steps

  1. On the Discord dashboard app or on the web, click on the user settings located at the very bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll down the settings panel to the bottom to find Game Activity and click on it.
  3. Discord will automatically detect all verified games you are playing and will show you your in-game activity.

discord game activity

Changing this game name to another custom name can be done by clicking on the game name or by changing it to Fortnite if you are playing PUBG.

You can now keep the overlay off on Discord and the playing status will change from PUBG to Fortnite.

  1. What if you aren’t playing any games but want to demonstrate your participation.

add the game in discordWhen you open Discord game activity, it will say no games found, find Add it below this and click on it.

A drop-down box will appear. Click on it, and it will show all the apps and programs running on your device. Click on any of them and click on Add.

As soon as the program has been added, click on its name and change it to the game name you want to display.

discord custom game status

You can check your custom game playing status by going to any discord server and checking your username.

How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – Mobile

I am going to share a trick by which you can set the custom game status for Discord mobile. As of now, there is no way to set a customized game status in Discord mobile, but you can easily add one to your channel.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the app store or play store, download the Yandex Browser.
  2. Hit enter to launch the Yandex app, type extension, and hit enter again to close it. Choose the first option for a Chrome web store and tap it.
    chrome web store extension in yandex
  3. Go to the chrome web store, type discord, and then hit search. The results will be displayed once the extension is tapped again.
    Note:- You must make sure Yandex is running in desktop mode, which can be done by tapping on 3 dots and choosing desktop.
    discord game activity in mobile
  4. Scroll down to “Set Discord Activity” and tap on “Add to Chrome”. To add an extension, tap the ADD EXTENSION box.
  5. By tapping on the home button, you will get to Yandex’s homepage. You will then be required to login to your account via
  6. Now that you have logged into your discord account, tap again on the three dots icon and choose an extension. To refresh the screen, tap on open on the next screen after tapping on Set Discord Activity on the extensions menu.
    set discord activity
  7. Choose extensions and then Set Discord Activity by tapping on the 3 dots again. You can select Custom in the source dropdown and then type the name of the game you’d like to display and then tap Set Discord Activity.
    set discord activity 2

It has been set to that name you just wrote in your discord playing status, so you can check it.

set discord activity 3


In my research, I didn’t find any blogs explaining how to change the playing status on Discord Mobile, so I searched and found this method.

I’m happy to tell you that you can now set custom statuses on both PC and mobile with discord.

Discord also allows you to set the watching status to any fun playing status you choose.

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