How to Restart Discord (2023) – Windows & Mac

How to Restart DiscordAlthough you might be ready to stream or play, your discord is not opening or stuck. In this article three methods will show you how to restart and refresh discord.

Discord is one the most used chat apps in the world. However, discord can also be known for having all kinds of problems.

There are ways to fix Discord issues if Discord is not working properly.

This will allow you to determine the root cause of your discord and the best way to resolve it.

How to restart Discord on Windows

These are the 3 ways to reload Discord on Windows. From the easiest to the most difficult, I have listed them all.

Method 1 – Quit Discord From Taskbar

This method won’t take too much to close discord on windows

You will see the discord icon in your taskbar. Right click it and select close window.

After you’re done, hover over the arrow at the bottom right that says show hidden icons. Find the discord icon by right-clicking on it. Click quit discord.

quit discord from the taskbar

Discord has been closed. You can open the discord application once again.

Method 2 – How to Restart Discord on Windows PC with Task Manager

You can fix the problem quickly by simply restarting any app or device.

Discord can be restarted using the task manager. This is the easiest and simplest method.

Step 1: Right-click the task manager and select “Task Management”. To open the task manager, you can also press Ctrl + Shift+ Esc.

Step 2: Click on the Details button to expand the task manager with all its options.

Step 3: In the processes tab, there are two sections, Apps and Background to restart discord on windows

Step 4: First, close discord in the apps section by clicking on the icon for discord and then clicking on the end task.

Step 5: Next, go to the processes section and look for any discord files that are currently open.

This will close discord on your Windows computer. Discord can be restarted by right-clicking on the icon and choosing “Run as administrator”.

Clearing the app and local data is another method to restart discord.

Method 3:- How to Restart Discord by Clearing app and local app data from Windows PC

This method can also be used to restart the discord application.

This is why I am sharing it because many of your problems with discord like app not opening or mic not being detected.

This method can be used even if you are having discord related problems.

Step 1: Press Windows + R key, and type %appdata% and hit the Enter key.

Step 2: Windows roaming folder will now appear; locate the discord folder and click on it. Press shift + del for deletion.

Step 3:- Hit the Windows + R key once more, then type %localappdata% and hit enter.

Step 4:- To bring up the Windows local app data, locate the discord folder and press shift + delete to delete it.

To restart the discord app, launch it again.

How to restart discord on Mac

Discord restarts on Mac can also be done for multiple reasons. You may want to update discord, or get rid of any glitches.

  • Discord can be restarted by finding the icon for discord pinned to the dock.
  • To bring up the options menu, press two fingers on the icon for discord.
  • Choose to quit discord, then launch the discord app again.

Command + R is also an option. It’s basically the shortcut key to refreshing. However, it can be used many times.

How to Refresh Discord

Refreshing discord is simple and only takes a few seconds.

For Windows, you can refresh the discord page using the CTRL +R key. On Mac, you can use Command + R key.

Refreshing the discord has many benefits.

  • It allows you to reload messages from the server and DMs. It also allows you to receive new messages.
  • A current status that can be refreshed is discord
  • Some glitches can cause discord to not display correctly.

For basic troubleshooting purposes, it is always a good idea to refresh discord before trying to restart the system.

People often asked questions.

How to restart Discord server ?

There is no button or option to reset a discord server.

There is no quick way to reset or restart discord servers.

If you want to restart your server, you will need to first delete all roles and channels and then create again.

How to restart Discord on a Phone

There is no way to restart or refresh discord mobile. You can touch the recent button to bring the discord app up to the close.

Once you are done, restart your discord application.

You can also reinstall discord on your phone to fix any other problems.

Bottom line

You might have noticed it was easy to start discord again after you learned how to do so.

I did my best to include everything about discord restart in one article.

You can leave comments in the box below if you have any questions or suggestions.