How to Inspect Element on Discord

How to inspect element on discordTo create fake discord messages, this article will show you how to inspect element on discord. A user can rename their username, change their nickname, customize their messages, and modify their emojis using the inspect element.

As an amazing platform that’s often used in the gaming world, Discord is also used frequently for friendly banter. The area is excellent for pranks on your friends.


  • The Discord app does not support Discord inspect elements; you can only create fake discord messages through a computer browser.
  • Changes can only be viewed on your device after they are made through the inspect element.
  • Changes made to the screen will be reversed once you refresh it.
  • You cannot misuse the inspect element in any way. 
  • Likewise, you can alter any results created by a Discord poll, but only from your computer.

There is some vital information at the bottom of the page, like

  •  What does an inspect element do?
  •  What is the best way to inspect elements on Discord?
  •  Scams using Discord’s inspect element should be avoided.
  •  How can I see the Discord secret password through the inspect element?

How to Inspect Element on Discord

Depending on what works best for you, there are three ways to inspect an element in Discord.

  1. By using the Browser Developer Tools
  2. Through inspect element shortcut (CTRL + Shift + I) for Windows and (Command⌘ + Option + I) for MAC
  3. Right-click on the Discord screen

How to inspect element using the Chrome browser’s?

 We will learn how to inspect element using the Chrome browser’s Inspect element shortcut

Step 1: To open Discord on your Chrome browser, open Google Chrome and type Log in by entering your username and password.

STEP 2:- Press CTRL + Shift + I key altogether or right-click on the page, which will bring a white coding page of the inspect element on the right-hand side of the browser.

STEP 3:- After you’ve completed those steps, you can prank your friends via Discord fake messages. I will show you how to make fake discord funny messages, usernames, and emoji.

How to Create Fake Discord Message?

Create fake Discord messages:- You can substitute text messages sent by yourself or others in your personal chat or on the server.

  • Identify the message that you would like to replace with the text of your choice.
  • Choose the text that will be highlighted in blue, then right-click on it and select inspect.
  • You will now see the highlighted text message on the right-hand side of the inspect element.inspect element on discord
  • On the inspect element screen, double-click the text message and change it to your fake text.
  • On the text box in the discord channel, you will now see the replacement message. Close the inspect element window.

How to change Date & Time using Inspect Element on Discord?

Change Date & Time – Taking the time and the date of the text message you send and receive may be a prank you want to play on your friends.

  • By selecting the time or date, wherever you want to make a change, choose the time or date.
  • Right-click now on the subject you want to inspect and select Inspect element; this brings up the Inspection element to the right of the screen.
  • On the inspect element screen, locate the date or time that also has a highlight and double click on it.How to inspect element on discord
  • The changes will be visible on the discord screen when you change the date or time in the inspect element screen.
  • Close the inspect element window and enjoy it.

How to Create Fake Discord Username with Inspect Element?

Create fake Discord username:- A person added to your Discord can also have their username changed using the Inspect element. In order to do so, first click on the appropriate date or message. Read the steps

  • By right-clicking either the date or message that is near the username, you can highlight the text and inspect the item.
  • Now that you are on the inspect element screen, locate the username near the highlighted text and double-click it.
  • Username should be replaced with your desired new one.

How to add emojis to Discord Message?

How to add emojis to messages:- In Discord, you can also use emojis by using the following code: <img src=” /assets/(image id).svg aria-label=”:emoji_name:” alt=”other_name” draggable=”false” class=”(emoji class)”>.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • By sending any emoji
  • Get the emoji ID
  • Follow replacing directions
  • :grinning: emoji ID is /assets/5c04ac2b97de83c767c22cb0028544ee.svg. The context is <img src=” /assets/assets/5c04ac2b97de83c767c22cb0028544ee.svg aria-label=”:grinning:” alt=”:grinning:” draggable=”false” class=”emoji jumboable”>

I hope you have learned how to open the inspect element on Discord and prank your friends with this fake discord message maker trick.

How to Avoid Discord Inspect Element SCAM?

I am sharing this with you all because recently, one of my friends was being scammed. A user sent him a request on the server asking him to paste the code in the console section of Inspect.

Immediately to the right of the element, there is a console section that displays a message.

Please hold on!

If someone tells you to copy/paste something here, there’s an 11/10 chance that you’re being scammed.

Attackers could access your Discord account if you post anything here.

Unless you understand exactly what you are doing, close this window and stay safe.

Scammers and cybercriminals can use these methods, so we focus only on our work and fun by changing essential replacements like text, username, and date.

How to see Hidden Password on Discord?

There is also a way to see your hidden password during your login into your Discord on Browser.

Most of the time we prefer saving our password on a browser for different apps and websites which helps us to quickly login without entering the password.

As we have been doing this for quite a while, we have probably forgotten our password.
In this case, there is no need to go through the entire procedure of changing passwords. By using the discord inspection trick, you can discover your secret password.

Let’s see the steps on how to do this.

  • Launch your Chrome browser and go to
  • You may be asked to log into Discord, where your username and secret password will be displayed.
  • By selecting an entire password to highlight in blue, right-click on it and select inspect element.
  • Immediately after the element is inspected, the element screen will display with some highlighting text and code.
  • Look for type=”password”, double click on “password” and replace password by writing text and hit Enter.
  • Boom, have a look at the Discord login password screen; you’ll see that your password is now exposed.

inspect element discord

What is Inspect Element?

The inspect elements, also known as Web development tools, are used by web developers for testing and debugging.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, and other components handled by web browsers are among the web technologies that developers can use.

An Inspect element (web development tools) is built into web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

The inspect element is an excellent add-on for every browser that lets you play with the appearance and content of a web page.


In this lesson, you learned how to inspect elements on Discord and how to play with Discord content in a browser. It is also possible to find paid tools with advanced features for the same purpose.

But to prank with Discord text, date and username, the inspect element is the most suitable.

Let us know why you chose to use the Discord inspect element on your comment box, and please share the article with us.


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