How to Fully Uninstall Discord on Windows 10 – 2021

How to Fully Uninstall DiscordIt is not uncommon for users to remove Discord from their computers because, after the program has been uninstalled and reinstalled, all information remains on the computer. This information contains profile data, cache history. Discord offers an excellent means of communication while gaming. Alternatively, if you prefer another program and uninstall Discord or reinstall it from scratch, the following steps provide an easy guide to following. You will learn how to fully uninstall Discord from your computer using Windows 10 tools and third-party software in this article.

How to Disable Discord Auto Run Option on PC?

As soon as Discord is installed, it is automatically launched when Windows 10 starts. It is possible to disable the auto-run of the program in a few different ways: by choosing an additional option in the program or using the Windows operating system itself.

  • Disable Discord Using The Windows Settings

How to Disable Discord Auto Run

Here is a way to disable the Discord AutoRun option in Windows 10. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager. Click the Startup tab and click Discord, and click Disable.

  • Disable Discord Using The Discord Settings

  1. Open the Discord Application on Windows. On the User Settings pageDiscord User Settings
  2. Open the Windows Settings tabDiscord Windows Settings
  3. Click the box next to Open Discord to turn it off. Discord Windows Settings System Startup Behaviour

How to fully uninstall discord on windows 10 ?

In order to properly uninstall Discord, it is not enough to simply move its files to the Recycle Bin. Windows Settings provides us with the tools to accomplish this.

  • Open Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features
  • Look for Discord, click Uninstall and confirm the Uninstall.

How to uninstall discord on windows 10

If the background mode is enabled, Discord will be removed completely from the computer. You will no longer see it on the list of installed programs in a few seconds. Similar to the one mentioned, users of earlier versions of Windows can uninstall Discord using the classic control panel.

Some remnants of the program remain on the computer after it is uninstalled using the uninstaller. You must, therefore, clean the remnants of Discord yourself if you want to remove the program entirely.

Windows 10 will also need to be configured to show hidden folders because the location is by default hidden:

  • Open the Explorer. You may find it helpful to have the View tab (top), or more precisely, its Settings.
  • In the window that appears, select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option under the View tab.
  • Next, go to the C:/Users/username/AppData location and remove the folders Local\Discord and Roaming\Discord.

Similarly, any program that is installed and used makes registry entries, which aren’t deleted as often as they should be after it’s uninstalled.

Remove Discord from the registry

Discord must be completely uninstalled by removing the residual files. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Using the Registry Editor, open the registry. By pressing Win+R, typing Regedit, and then pressing OK, you can do to run regedit
  • Ensure that the registry is backed up. You can export the entire registry by selecting File > Export. Choose a place to save it, enter a filename, and select .reg format, and then click Save.
  • Ensure that the correct registry entries are present. Use Ctrl+F to search for Discord, then click to remove discord from registry
  • Items found should be deleted. Choose Delete from the context menu by right-clicking the selected item. Afterward, press F3 to move to the next entry in the registry related to Discord, and repeat the deletion procedure until all entries have been removed (the message “Search Registry has been completed” will appear).

Make sure that the registry item is related to Discord by double-clicking it to verify that the name of the remote messenger appears. In this situation, you should be able to safely delete the registry file.

How to fully uninstall Discord with Special software

Third-party uninstallers make it much faster, easier, and safer to remove Discord from your PC altogether. There are many examples of uninstallers such as IObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, ZSoft Uninstaller, and other uninstallers to suit the users’ tastes. Consider uninstalling and cleaning your PC of residual files by using Revo Uninstaller as an example.

1. Removal Discord using Revo Uninstaller.

Discord can be found in the All Programs window, selected, and then uninstalled (big button on the left). The uninstaller creates an automatic Full Registry backup and Restore Point and analyzes the program automatically. A user may additionally choose one of three scanning options: Safe, Modified, or Advanced, each of which offers a different level of cleaning quality and depth. Once you click Scan, the Scan will begin.

how to uninstall discord with special software

When successful uninstallation has been completed, the program scans the registry to clean out residual entries. Once you have selected all items and deleted them, you can move on to the next step of cleaning by pressing Next.

how to uninstall discord with special software on pc

Revo Uninstaller’s third step in removing Discord automatically searches through all files and folders to find any remaining files. Following the Scan, click Select All, Delete, and Finish, just as you did in the previous to uninstall discord with special software

You can see how much easier and faster it is to use specialized software, especially since many of them are available for free in Trial or Free versions.

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2. Removal with Absolute Uninstaller.

Two clicks are all it takes to remove this program:

  • Select the Discord icon from the All Programs menu.
  • Uninstall this program by clicking Uninstall. how to uninstall discord with special software

That’s it. Discord will be uninstalled while background mode is running. The entire process will take around seven seconds, after which Discord will no longer appear on the program list.

Similar programs may differ in the process, speed, and quality of uninstallation and cleanup. However, they are almost always intuitive and easy to use, since vendors design such programs to meet the needs of users with different PC experiences.

Final Thoughts

I hope so this will help you to answer, how to fully uninstall Discord on Windows 10 and mac fully. Keep in mind uninstalling Discord doesn’t mean that your discord account has been deleted.
Nevertheless, there might be many reasons for completely removing Discord from your computer, which you can now do with the assistance of this article. Alternatively, you can also clear the discord cache in case of an error during uninstallation.

I’d appreciate it if you would let me know if you encounter any issues or problems with Discord. Let me know if you want me to write an article on this or reply back to you.

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