How to fix Modern Warfare 2 not launching in early access

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is more than simply the next chapter in the series; it is Activision’s proclamation that ushers in a brand-new era for the whole series. By far, the game’s degree of realism and attention to detail is the best I’ve seen. How to fix Modern Warfare 2 not launching in early access ?

How to fix Modern Warfare 2 not launching in early access

It’s to be expected that there would be some kinks in the system when a brand-new version is released. However, a strange new problem in Modern Warfare 2 stops users from accessing the game’s campaign mode a week early, before its official release on October 28. The game closes itself down unexpectedly, making the campaign mode unplayable.

Modern Warfare 2 bug crashes campaign mode

A solution provided in one of the comment on Reddit.

“Campaign crashing after killing a certain enemy

Playing on PC and in the 2nd mission (the night mission in the desert) I get to a part where a teammate is shot and I am asked to throw a flashbang. I kill him and the wounded ally tells me there is another enemy in the hallway.

Whenever I kill that enemy the framerate drops and it becomes unplayable. I have tried different guns, using grenades, knives etc. Im playing on PC so I verified game cache and lowered all setting to mimnium ( the game set them automatically to ultra and it runs beautifully up till this point) and still killing this one enemy i need to progress tanks the game. I think its a memory leak but I am not sure. Anyone else encountered this and if so have you found a fix.”

When Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode was made accessible to fans in beta, it was plagued by a number of issues. The publishers and studio partners fixed most of the problems with subsequent updates.

The new glitch causes the game to freeze up in the middle of the campaign at random times throughout missions. Unless the player reaches the next checkpoint, their progress in the missions will have to be recreated over and over, making the experience rough and unsettling.

In some cases, these workarounds may help, but the bug remains unfixed. Fans can try to resolve this persistent problem that has made the missions unusable by following the instructions below.

If your game’s visuals were set to “Ultra” or “Extreme” automatically, turn “cache” to “ON” in the game’s options. This may alleviate some pressure on the system and prevent further crashes from happening.

The alternative method requires players to repeat the mission from the last checkpoint and re-experience the advancements they made. For some, the problem has been fixed by starting the task over from the beginning.

The local files can also be checked for validity via the game client (either or Steam) by the fans. By doing so, the system can redownload any inconsistencies or missing files from the game’s downloaded folder and, hopefully, fix the crashing fault.

Fans who pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 will only have early access to the campaign mode a week before the game’s official release next week. It’s possible that these are yet more tests being done by Infinity Ward to gauge how the finished game will perform.

The game may break unexpectedly if files aren’t completely downloaded due to server issues. Incompatibilities between the game and the platforms it’s designed for could potentially lead to untimely game terminations and optimization issues.

The worldwide release of Modern Warfare 2 is still a week away, giving Activision time to iron out any kinks. Cupcake2048.Com will continue to provide regular updates on new bugs, as well as advice on how to repair them. I hope you got the answer for How to fix Modern Warfare 2 not launching in early access?

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