Homeschooling in Australia tech guide: essential kit for learning at home


These are unprecedented times, and countless parents across Australia are now finding themselves with a new job title – teacher. Although schools in some states are still open, a growing number of parents are choosing to keep their kids at home to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The prospect of becoming your child’s teacher can be daunting, but if you’re ready for the challenge, TechRadar’s Australian team is here to help you find tech resources you may need to help homeschool your children.

To help you get started, we’ve handpicked a range of laptops, 2-in-1s, printers and more, with choices catering to a variety of budgets so anyone can access learning at home.


Dell XPS 13 (7390)

(Image credit: Dell)

Dell XPS 13 (7390)

The flagship laptop to go the distance

The Dell XPS 13 has long been our favourite laptop at TechRadar, and from a bang-for-buck perspective it remains one of the best you can buy. This sleek machine gets our vote because it’s lightweight, slim and ultra portable, while also being pretty powerful. The XPS 13 rips through daily computing tasks with ease, and the all-important battery life in the 2019 model has improved over its predecessors. If you don’t want it to drain throughout the day, we’d recommend opting for the Full HD display configuration rather than a 4K panel.

best cheap Chromebook price and deals

(Image credit: HP)

HP Chromebook 14

Balancing value and design

The main difference you need to know when comparing a Chromebook to a Windows PC such as the Dell XPS above, is that a Chromebook runs Google’s Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system that aims to get you online as easily as possible. Chromebooks also don’t usually feature very powerful specs, and as a result can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than their Windows counterparts. So if your home schooling will mostly be based online and you’re not too fussed on battery life, the HP Chromebook 14 is an excellent option. It’s one of the few Chromebooks available in Australia and it carries an affordable price tag.

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HP Envy x360 13 (2019)

(Image credit: HP)

HP Envy x360 13

HP gives its slimline laptop an AMD upgrade

For a convertible, this 2-in-1 feels solid and sturdy despite its rather slick-looking aluminium chassis. Its battery is capable of up to nine hours of video playback, and the AMD chip under the hood will keep performance running smoothly for most schoolwork requirements. There’s versatility in this machine, as the 360-degree hinge allows you to convert its 13-inch Full HD touchscreen display into tablet mode. All in all, the HP Envy x360 delivers the feel of a high-end portable at a competitive price point.

Microsoft Surface Go

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface Go

The tablet that makes the perfect 2-in-1

It’s technically a 10-inch tablet, but add a Type Cover and it becomes a very compelling 2-in-1 option. While it doesn’t have the powerful components of more expensive 2-in-1s, Microsoft designed this good-looking device to be mighty enough for schoolwork. Despite the additional cost of the Type Cover – something we’d recommend getting if you’d like to use it as a convertible – the Surface Go still comes in cheaper than many other 2-in-1s. For the price, you’re also getting an incredibly colour-accurate display and surprisingly powerful speakers.

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Logitech MX Master 2S

(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech MX Master 2S

The ultimate mouse for productivity

This wireless mouse is more expensive than most, but it’s a highly customisable pointer that’s been designed with productivity in mind. Its sensor works incredibly well, so whether your homeschooling setup looks like a wooden kitchen table or glass outdoor furniture, this little beauty will perform with precision. Lefties won’t be able to use this mouse, though, but if your child is right-handed, then this is an ergonomically designed pointer that can be used on up to three computers at the same time.

missing image

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it lasts forever


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