Here’s why the Houseparty hacking rumors are probably just a smear campaign | TechRadar


Now is a pretty strange and desolate time, where people have been ordered to stay indoors for the foreseeable future to safeguard themselves as well as the society. Regardless of what the memes may suggest, the inherent human urge to socialize has slowly started to get to us, putting video calling services on a pedestal like never before.

While there has never been a shortage of these applications, some have been able to claim a bigger pie of our life. One of the more prominent winners was Houseparty, a face to face social network where all interactions are based around video conferencing. It’s a pretty simple premise – you sign in into the app, connect your contacts or social accounts to find your friends, and initiate group calls to them alongside small games. You can also see which friends are online and available for conversations. This simplicity in what it offers has made it win many hearts over the past few weeks, with the number of downloads growing exponentially, with over 2 million new users each week in March. 


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