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Groovy Bot

Running and being part of a Discord server is a pretty challenging and enjoyable task. You never know when the time will fly to a new level, significantly when you are moderating a Discord server. Before you have crossed off a single item from your list, there are dozens of tasks left to do.

Discord is a fantastic way of starting a community around anything you’re passionate about. However, maintaining large chat rooms, voice rooms, etc., in a Discord server set can be quite a demanding job. You need to keep your colleagues engaged and interested in the same way, over and above that. Here is where bots come in useful because they allow you to moderate your Discord server and have some fun at the same time.

You have many options concerning moderation bots—each with its unique commands and features that make managing and running a server a painless task. And today, we’re going to be discussing the Groovy bot.

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So, how does Groovy Bot work exactly?

What is Groovy Bot?

Groovy is a bot designed to play music on your Discord server from Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. There are many different music bots available for Discord, including Rythm Bot; Groovy Bot has an easier installation and running process; lets you listen to your favorite songs without much hassle.

The Groovy bot has been around for a while, but it has been upgraded many times over the years, so it has become a premium option on Discord servers that pay for it. Plus, they’ve made sure that you get the best possible quality while you run music on any Discord server, with no delay and no lag.

It is a great music bot, in our opinion, to listen to music without tinkering with your server or having to use hard-to-understand commands. Plus, premium subscribers can listen to their favorite tracks for as long as they want, add sound effects, schedule playlists, and more.

The Groovy bot has much good to know commands. Glad you asked!

Details about its features and commands are covered in the next section.

Groovy Bot Features and Commands

Groovy offers many excellent music-playing and communication features that can be useful when managing a large audience on a Discord server. The Groovy bot has to be installed in a voice channel before it can start playing music.

The Groovy Bot features include:

  • You can listen to your favorite songs from sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, or Spotify.
  • Tracks can be added to queues, saved as playlists, paused, resumed, or skipped at any time.
  • Groovy Bot’s lyrics display and identify users or roles that have access to Groovy Bot for playing music.
  • The Groovy bot is entirely free, but you can buy a premium version that offers many benefits like running the bot 24 hours a day, saving queued songs, and running the Groovy bot on multiple servers at a time.


So here are some Groovy Bot commands you can use :

  • Play command allows you to play any song from Spotify or YouTube using the link or search query you’ve entered. Click Enter to begin.
  • Shuffle: Shuffle command can be used for randomizing tracks in your queue.
  • Queue: you can examine all of your tracks in your queue with this command.
  • Resume: you may resume the track which was previously paused.
  • Pause: The pause command lets you pause any song that is currently playing.
  • Bass boost: use this command to boost the bass volume on the songs playing. Inputting Reset will return the volume to default.
  • Nightcore: A nightcore mode can be enabled through this feature for a more ambiance effect and similar tracks.

Having heard about the features and commands for the Groovy bot, here are the steps for setting it up and installing it on your own Discord server.

How to Install Groovy Bot on Your Discord Server?

Setting up the Groovy bot is pretty simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to install it:

  1. Go to In the upper right corner, click Login if you have already registered your Discord server. groovy bot login
  2. On the main website, you can click the Add to Discord button.Groovy bot add to discord
  3. You need to register using your email credentials if you don’t have them already and then log in.discord login
  4. Make sure the Groovy bot has access to what permissions you want. In the Add Bot section, select your Discord server from the drop-down list.Groovy bot select discord server continue
  5. First, click on continue and then click on Authorize.Groovy bot needs access permissions
  6. Please complete the quick process by verifying your human status by following the instructions.Groovy bot identify human
  7. Go back to your Discord server dashboard, and you’ll see Groovy bot has been added to your server.Groovy bot add to discord
  8. Use the commands above to start grooving and performing your favorite music.

You can see from this tutorial that adding a Groovy bot is relatively simple and easy to use. Following the steps mentioned in the previous section to set up the Groovy bot should get you started if you desire to place music on your Discord server.
Groovy is the most suitable choice for beginners when it comes to playing music because it is so simple and straightforward. As we mentioned earlier, Groovy bot is also available in a premium version if you want to gain more features for all the Discord servers you own. These features are available here.
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