Free calls, data boosts and more – see your phone network’s lockdown benefits


It is an unprecedented time with the entirety of the UK in lockdown and many now having to work from home. But to help make life easier, mobile networks are changing how their plans work, now offering pandemic related benefits.

Depending on which network you’re with, these benefits will come in different forms. Almost all are offering free access to the NHS website, some are giving out unlimited minutes to select groups and some, unfortunately, have remained the same.

So what exactly is your network offering right now? We’ve broken down all of the available networks and their new features below so you can see how your phone contracts or SIM only plans might have changed.

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The benefits from the main networks:

EE is making use of the NHS website free and offering those struggling to pay bills the chance to discuss the issue. If you’re a PAYG customer, you can call EE at no extra charge. And now, EE is offering unlimited calls, texts and data to vulnerable or disabled customers.
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Anyone on O2 can get onto the NHS website without using up data and is promising to keep its network as reliable as possible during this time. O2 has now also added that it will be giving unlimited calls to all plans during this time if you don’t already have it.
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If you’re on Three, there is only one addition to your plan during this lock down period, free data access to all NHS websites, at home and abroad.
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Like many other plans out there, Vodafone is offering free use of the NHS website. But past that, there isn’t really much to gain on Vodafone right now. Vodafone was giving out unlimited data on its Veryme platform during this time so it is worth keeping an eye out there for what other offers they bring.
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iD Mobile:
Like many of the other networks out there, using the NHS website will not use up any data on any iD Mobile plan. And if you’re over 70 and on an iD Mobile plan, you will automatically get free unlimited minutes until mid-April.
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Sky Mobile:
Sky is a lot like Virgin below in its offer. It is giving 10GB of data boosts to all of its customers at no extra charge. And of course, no data will be used on the NHS website.
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Virgin Mobile:
Virgin is one of the networks going all out. It is doing the data-free use of the NHS website like everyone else but it is also giving its pay monthly customers unlimited minutes to landlines and other mobile phone customers plus a 10GB data boost each month.
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Giffgaff is keeping it simple. Using the NHS website while on a Giffgaff plan won’t use up any of your data and the NHS 111 line will remain a free call.
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What are the best SIM only deals to invest in:

Looking to switch networks? Luckily there are a number of great options out there right now. Use our SIM only deals guide to see them all in full or see our favourites below:

EE: 60GB of data for £20 a month
Smarty: 100GB of data for £15 a month
Three: unlimited data for £18 a month


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