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Doge 2048 is one of the nice variant of 2048 game. Pet lovers love to play this tile sliding puzzle game. It’s belongs to group of unblocked games. Gabriele Cirulli is an Italian web developer who designed the 2048. For the development

doge 2048 of 2048 game the following computer languages are used:

Doge 2048 game is a new version for children love to play with pets specially doge. In this game doge pics are used instead of digits as used in 2048. Kids discuss with their classmates about 2048 doge. School boys play this variant of 2048 puzzle during free times in their educational institutes.

Doge 2048 is a very addictive game available for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. It’s simple to learn, but hard to beat sliding board. It is also available on retro consoles. You can play this game online, or download it for iOS or Android.

How to Play Doge 2048?

Here are the rules for playing doge 2048 game. You may probably already know the way how 2048 works, but just in case, here are the real basics. In 2048 game the similar number tiles are merged to make a single tile with doubled value digit tile. But in doge 2048 there are different types of pics of nice looking dogs. When we  move two tiles of the same look to hit each other, they merge into one tile with a different pic value.

Swipe the screen up, down, left, or right to move all pics tiles in that direction. Each tile moves in that direction until it hits the wall or another tile. (Use your arrow keys in the computer version.)

  1. Slide two similar blocks showing animated doge to merge in one block.
  2. Now the new block is showing different pic of doge.
  3. Continue to merging the similar pics together to show the the different one.
  4. In this way you will win the  doge 2048  game.

You would like to see this animated pics of dogs. Little boys, girls or young ones and senior citizens  like to play doge 2048 at home or waiting at bus stand, railway station or sitting in the bus or train or in a plane. If you are interested to play 2048 doge game simply click the link below.


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