Discord Notifications not working on Android & PC in 2023

Discord is a popular tool for gamers. It can be frustrating when Discord Notifications not working and we lose important messages.

Notifications are crucial, especially for VoIP applications such as Discord. Discord notifications don’t cause us to miss any server or DM chats, I can assure you.

Discord is a VoIP app that is used mostly in the background to allow voice chats during game play. In this article, I will cover up how to fix discord notifications not working on PC and Mobile.

What is the reason my notifications are not showing up on Discord?

Perhaps you are curious to find out why I am not receiving discord notifications?

Discord has many advanced features that allow you to stop notifications.

Discord Notifications not working due to device issues or settings.

These are the main reasons discord notifications don’t work. This will help you understand why.

  • Discord Desktop Notifications are disabled: Discord has a notification feature on the desktop that allows you to be notified about new messages or requests. This option can be disabled so you don’t get any notifications on your PC.
  • Online Discord Status:- A Discord online status such as “Do Not Disturb” can be used to stop notifications.
  • In-App and Tweak Notifications in Mobile: Ensure that your phone is set up to receive discord in-app notifications as well as tweak notifications. This is the main reason why discord mobile notifications do not work.
  • Discord Cache – Access stored data and cache memory can conflict. The problem can be fixed by clearing the discord cache
  • Discord notification settings: There are both PC and mobile notifications settings that can cause discord notifications not working.

Let’s fix this problem. We will begin with PC, then move on to Mobile. I will also be discussing discord notification badges or sounds.

How to fix Discord Notifications not working (PC)

This section will cover the basics of troubleshooting, and then move on to the more advanced methods for resolving discord notifications that are not working.

Before I proceed, I’d like to ask you to start discord. This basic method is very effective and can save you a lot of time. Here are 7 ways I can help you fix your problem.

Method 1:- Check your Discord Online Status

You can choose from 4 statuses online in Discord: Online, Do Not Disturb, Idle, Invisible. You won’t receive any notification alerts for calls or text messages if you set your status to “Do Not Disturb” in Discord.

Please ensure that your status does not say “Do not disturb”. If the answer is yes, you can set your status to “Online” again and check if the problem has been resolved.

Open the discord application to change the status to Online. Click on the profile photo at the bottom. Now you can see all four statuses. Click on Online to confirm.

Method 2: Ensure Desktop Notifications are Enabled

Discord desktop notifications notify you of all calls and messages alerts, even if you’re not using the app.

Discord notifications not working on Windows 10, if this option has been disabled. Follow these steps to enable.

To open the Discord app, click on the Settings cog icon.

Click on the tab “Notifications” in the left-hand pane. Make sure you enable Desktop Notification.

You will also find options to enable unread messages badge and taskbar flashing.

  • Enable Desktop notifications:  You’ll be notified about all alerts from other apps while you are using the app.
  • Enable Unread Message Badge:  This badge displays a red color on the discord icon to indicate you have unread messages.
  • Enable Taskbar Flashing:  This allows you to flash the app in your taskbar whenever there is a notification.

Method 3:- Verify Discord Server and Channel Notifications

Discord allows you to enable or disable notifications for any channel or server. If discord notifications stop working on a particular channel or server, follow these instructions.

Discord Server Notifications – The desktop application will display a bell icon as soon as you open any server. This icon will quickly muffle all server notifications until you are mentioned.

Right-click on the server and make sure mute server option is not enabled.

Let’s now move on to Server notifications settings. Right-click the server and select Notifications settings. The entire server notification options will be displayed in a new box.

You will see Mute (Server name) at the top. Make sure that this option is disabled.

Here are the server notification settings. Make sure it is selected to All Messages. If you select to only @mentions, you will receive the mention notifications. If set to nothing, there won’t any notifications.

Discord Channel Notifications – Right-click the channel to ensure that Mute Server is disabled. You can also check the bell icon for mute at top.

Right-click the channel, hover over the Notification settings, and ensure it is set to “Server default” or “All messages”.

Method 4:- Disable Streamer Mode

Discord streamer mode can be enabled to block all discord notifications. It will also stop channel join sounds and notification sounds.

These are the steps to disable streamer mode in discord.

To open the Discord app, click on the Settings cog icon.

Scroll down until you find “Streamer Mode” under the app settings. Click on it. The streamer mode section will have the first option, “Enable Streamer Mod” Make sure that this option is not enabled.

You can disable streamer mode by keeping streamer mode active and turning off “disable notifications”. Scroll down. You can try again to see if discord notifications work.

Method 5:- Update Discord

Discord might not function properly if you’re using an older version.

Discord is updated automatically most of the time, but we still need to make sure it’s up-to-date. You can update discord by right-clicking on the icon and choosing “Run as an administrator”.

Method 6: Ensure Discord is enabled in Windows Notifications

If your Windows notification is disabled or turned off for discord, then the notifications won’t work on discord.

In the Windows search box, type “notifications” and select “Notifications & action settings”.

Now in the Notifications ensure the “Get notifications from apps and other senders” option is enabled.

Scroll down to “Get Notifications from These Senders” and search for discord applications. Verify that discord notifications are turned on.

Method 7:- Reinstall Discord

Try reinstalling discord if none of these methods work. It could be due to corrupt installation files.

To open the RUN box on a Windows device, press the Windows + R key. Click on OK and type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run box.

Windows program and feature boxes will now be available. Locate the discord app, right-click it, and select Uninstall.

How to fix Discord Notification not working on Mobile

Discord notifications can be fixed using the same troubleshooting techniques as PCs, but they have different features and procedures.

Here is the complete list of ways to fix android discord notification not working android 2021.

Method 1:- Verify Discord Push Notifications

If the discord push notification is not working, you may also experience notification issues.

Mobile devices must have “System notifications”, In-app notifications, and “tweak notification” enabled.

  1. Open Discord on your phone. Tap on the profile photo to access the user settings. In the settings box, tap on Notifications.
  2. You will find both In-app and System notifications here. You should make sure that both of these options are turned on. If they are not, you can tap the toggle switch to turn them on.

Tap on the Tweak notification to confirm that all options are enabled.

After that, restart discord to verify that the problem has been solved.

Method 2:- Verify Mobile Notifications

Be aware that app notifications are not the only thing you should be checking. Discord notifications might not work if you disable the notification.

  1. Next, open the phone settings and tap on Notifications.
  2. You can find discord apps in the notifications. It can be found in the most recently used app. Click on See All to see it.
  3. Click on Discord to enable Show Notifications. You will find other categories listed below. Make sure they are all enabled.

Restart your phone once you have done that, and then try again to confirm that the problem has been resolved.

Method 3:- Verify Server & Channel Notifications

If the problem persists after you’ve tried the previous two methods, it is likely that you have a problem on a specific channel or server.

This is where you will need to determine which server you aren’t receiving notifications.

  1. Click on the server icon, then tap on the 3 dots to the right of the server’s name. This will open the server settings.
  2. To open the notification settings, tap on Notifications. You should ensure that the server isn’t muted, and in the notification settings it’s set to “All messages”.
  3. You will find below mobile push notifications. If they are disabled, you can enable them.

Do the same thing for each server and channel that you are unsure of.

Method 4:- Clear Discord Cache

Caches are great for applications, but they can also be a source of junk data, which can cause problems with some applications.

To fix most problems, I keep clearing the discord cache and use restart.

  1. Open Settings on your smartphone and tap on App Manager or App. Scroll down until you find the Discord app. Tap on it to open.
  2. Next, tap on “Storage”, then click on “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache”. After that, restart your device.

Method 5:- Update Discord & Phone

Discord notifications may not work if you have outdated applications or devices. Discord is usually automatically updated, but we must still ensure that the device and discord are up-to-date.

Update Phone

  1. Open Settings on your Smartphone and scroll down until you find and tap “Software Update”.
  2. Click on “Download and install” to start the search for the update. If an update is available, you can update.

Discord Update

  1. After clearing the data and discord cache, you can access the app store or play store. Look for the discord application and check if the update option is available.
  2. If so, update your phone and restart it.


How can I get discord notifications?

Discord Desktop Notifications are required to notify you of any messages or calls. The pop-up will be minimized.

All steps are explained in the following.

Discord Notification does not work on PC?

Open Discord and click the Settings icon at the bottom.

Click on the Notifications tab, and scroll down to Sound. All options can be enabled here.


These are the best ways to fix discord notifications not working on PC or mobile.

However, there are sometimes new bugs that could cause such problems. If you find a solution for any users, please let us know via the comment box.

Don’t forget to mention the method that worked for you. I’d be happy to help other users.

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