How to get the Discord Crown – How to Hide 2021

Discord Crown

You will learn how to obtain the crown on Discord and how to hide the discord server owner crown in this article. In our minds, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word crown is either the king or the power.

Discord Crown Icon

discord crown icon

What does it mean by the discord crown?

Owners of the server receive a crown symbol to signify their status as the king and creator of the server.

Having a crown icon next to your name indicates that you are the person responsible, making it easier for other members on the server to figure out who to contact for help.

It is often difficult to handle the responsibility of having a discord crown icon next to your name. If this is the case, you can assign one of your administrators to the server.

Discord server owner crown

How to get the crown on Discord?

Server owners are assigned a crown badge in the same way different roles are assigned colors indicating their power on a server. Crown badges are displayed in front of the name of the owner.

Discord Crown Disappeared

It is possible to lose the crown badge from your name or it might simply disappear if you are the owner of a discord server or you are reading this on behalf of the owner of the server.

Discord how to get crown back

Make some changes to your roles to restore your title’s crown badge. Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the server where you lost your crown in the Discord dashboard.
  2. Choose Server settings by clicking on the server name.server settings
  3. Now from the server setting options, click on roles; this will list all the created roles on the server.
  4. Now click on every role and come to role settings and make sure the first option of “Display role members separately from online members” is off.Display role members separately from online members
  5. Ensure that the role is turned off by turning it off if it is on and make sure it is off for all roles.
  6. Once done, refresh the screen by clicking CTRL + R key and check your crown icon again; it should be back.

How to Hide Discord Server Owner Crown?

A server owner gets a crown badge when they create a server, so members of the server can recognize who to reach for help if the server runs into problems.

But there comes a time when you have a considerable number of members on the server, and it becomes hard to entertain all the requests, as people approach you first because of the crown icon.

You can create roles for the admin to handle those requests and hide the discord server owner crown badge from your name to be like standard members for a few days.

Now you will have all the access and permissions you had before.

The following steps explain how to hide the crown icon.

Create a Role for Admin

It is necessary to create a new admin role where certain changes need to be made. Follow the steps.

  • Navigate to your server and find the Discord dashboard.
  • To access the server settings, you need to click on the server name and choose Server Settings.
  • Choose the Roles selection on the left-hand panel of the server settings.
  • The + icon, located to the right of ROLES, is where you give a role a name, such as Admin or any other.How to hide discord server owner crown
  • You can choose the color if you want to give this role a particular color.
  • Scroll down to Role settings and click on the toggle to turn on the first feature of “Display role members separately from online members” and then scroll down more to turn on the Administrator’s permission.
  • Once you have saved all the settings click Save changes.

It’s time to Press CTRL + R key to refresh the screen, and once the screen is refreshed, you will see the discord crown icon disappears from the server owner name.

I am sure this method will hide the discord server owner’s crown, if not, you can try

  • Added yourself to the role by following the below steps
  • Under the User Management section of the Server settings, go back to the Server settings and click Members.
  • In the members, search for yourself and click on 3 dots by hovering upon your name.
  • Add yourself to the newly created role by clicking on Roles and selecting the role you just created.
  • Close the screen and press CTRL + R key again to refresh the discord screen.

Crown Owner Discord


A Discord crown icon on your name makes you feel like a king managing his empire, and everyone wants to experience that power.

Many owners want to do away with this crown icon, thinking that they want to be anonymous like other members, but others do everything they can to obtain this icon.

Let me know what motivated you to read this article on how to get a crown on Discord by commenting in the comment box and please share it.

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