Discord Change Name Color in 2021 – PC & Phone

Discord is used by millions of people every day. Users can participate in a large online community where they’ll find people who share their interests and play with others. They have a chance to chat and discuss their gaming experience.

Discord Change Name Color

You might have noticed some users using color names in Discord. What an awesome feature! It would grab anyone’s attention. This is no wonder why you are interested in it. You will find everything you need to know how to change the color within this guide. With our easy-to-follow guide you will have no trouble getting started. It will require no time at all for you to figure out how to change the color.

However, before we get started with our guide, a few things need to be mentioned first. The only way to change the color of your name in Discord is by adding roles. However, the owner of the server must have admin rights in order to do this. The color of your name cannot be changed if you do not have a server.

You can differentiate your server’s individuals using the color. If you assign them roles, you will be able to better manage your server. Keeping track of everything in the chat is a convenient feature. The look is good, too.

Otherwise, it isn’t possible without administrative privileges. In case you have already created your server and wish to change the color of your name or anyone else’s, here’s how you can do it. Just follow these quick steps and you’ll be able to change the color in seconds.

How Discord change name color as an administrator of Server?

First Step

When you interested to Discord change name color, Click the right mouse button on your server. You will see a new menu appear. There you will find “Server Settings”. You now need to select the fourth option, “Roles”. That’s the option you’re looking for.

Discord Change Name Color - step 1

Second Step

A new role can be added by pressing the plus sign on the right of “Roles”. It has been named “Test Role” in this instance. You can choose what color your role should be. For Discord change name color the color selection menu lets you select a custom color or you can explore all the colors available. You can save these changes by pressing the “Save Changes” button on the bottom-right of the menu.

Discord Change Name Color - step 2

Third Step

Once you are on Discord and want Discord change name color, go back to your server. All the members that are on your server can be found in the right menu. Now, right-click on the user’s name or your name and select the bottom of the menu. You can assign whichever role you want by pressing the “Roles” tab. If the role has a different color, the name will change too. In roles highlighted in red, your name is highlighted in red. You can assign different roles with different colors to each member of the server. You are responsible for making the decision.

Discord Change Name Color - step 3


As you can see, you need administrative privileges to change the color of your name or someone else’s name. You can accomplish that by creating a server and assigning roles. This guide can provide assistance in that regard. Discord change name color very quickly if you follow the instructions carefully. This guide should make it easy for you. I hope you found it helpful.

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