Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error | How To Fix in 2021

Among the gamer community, Discord is, without doubt, one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Despite its simplicity, and its significant number of features, Discord sometimes becomes frustrating to use because of the time it requires, and it keeps throwing strange errors. An error in Discord is Discord awaiting endpoint.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint

Discord problems that are very common include:

  1. Discord No Route
  2. RTC Connecting Discord
  3. Discord Javascript Error

Each of the problems listed has been addressed in the solution posted. If you click on those solutions, you can view the solutions to the problem. The Discord awaiting endpoint problem will be discussed today.

What Causes Discord Awaiting Endpoint?

The connection to the server does not happen when you open Discord and try to chat. It is obvious that a network or server problem is causing Discord awaiting endpoint errors. Several other possible causes of Discord not receiving a connection are described below.

  • This Discord server you tried to connect is unavailable.
  • It appears that the connection to the internet has broken down.
  • It’s your cache memory that’s the problem.

How to fix Discord awaiting Endpoint error?

Now that we know that what causes the awaiting endpoint error lets discuss about the solution. Follow the different solutions for the discord awaiting endpoint problem one by one.

Procedure #1 : Wait for it to Resolve

Yes, you heard it right, it may seem complicated, but it could solve the problem. If you think about it, waiting can solve the issue of discord awaiting endpoints without taking any action. As mentioned earlier, the endpoint problem is caused mainly because of a problem in the discord server. Thus, you just have to wait until the server backups again before you can start working again.
Sometimes you don’t have to wait for the server to backup as it may take a couple of hours. Maybe you’ve already considered changing your server if you’re in a hurry to solve the problem.
If you are thinking of changing the Discord server, then that’s what we will be doing in the following method to fix the problem.

Procedure #2: Change the server location

Several companies have built servers all over the globe to provide the service quickly and to prevent overload on a single server. In the same way as that, Discord is available all over the world. Whenever you open / connect to discord it connects you to the closest server to ensure you receive the service quickly and without any lag.

You should swap the server with another one if the local server of your location is down due to this you are receiving Discord awaiting endpoint. When the local server goes online again, you will be able to use it again.

You can change the server location in Discord by following the steps below:

  1. Obviously the first step in this process is to open the Discord. So open Discord and go to the settings section on the left.Discord awaiting endpoint- setting
  2. Click on “Server Setting”. Once you have done that, you will be presented with a number of options.Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Setting
  3. When you get to the server settings, you will see something like this:Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Setting -
  4. The above screenshot shows the server region is “US South” (Server region changes based on your location. It is for providing fast service to you). Change the “Server Region” by clicking the “Change” link.Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Change
  5. A new list of Discord Servers will appear once you have clicked “Change”. Select the server that is closest to your address.Discord awaiting endpoint- Server Lists
  6. As soon as you change the server, you must confirm the change. You just have to confirm, and your server will be changed.Discord awaiting endpoint- Confirmation
  7. Once you have changed the server, you should be able to play again without seeing the annoying “Connecting” message.

If changing the server does not resolve the problem then the issue is with your network and you need to check your internet connection. The next method will help you check it.

Procedure #3: Check Your Wi-Fi Connection Settings

Another reason you might be experiencing connectivity issues and receiving the awaiting endpoint error on Discord is the Wi-Fi network connectivity.

Therefore, to solve the problem, you may need to change your Wi-Fi configuration.

You can check whether your Wi-Fi is working properly by going to any other website or connecting to any other service from your computer’s browser.

If nothing is working, then the problem is most likely your Wi-Fi connection. You may be able to solve the issue by simply rebooting the modem or router.

The best thing you can do if that won’t work is to go to the admin page present on your network dashboard and reset all the settings.

You may follow the following steps to check the internet connection problem.

  1. Open Speed Test site
  2. Then click on “Go” and wait for the test to complete. Once it’s completed, the screen will look like this:Discord awaiting endpoint- Speed test
  3. If your internet connection is malfunctioning, contact your internet service provider.

You can give a try to a VPN if you (and/or your server) are using a good internet connection and still seeing Discord waiting for endpoint(s).

Procedure #4: Use VPN

Sometimes the discord throws various errors because of IP problems or your Network admin has blocked the discord in your network. The VPN can be used to bypass these blocks.

The VPN is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that changes your IP and allows you to access geo-restricted content.

Discord can only be used when a VPN is present that contains UDP connections. However, not all VPNs are compatible with Discord. We suggest you use the following VPNs while using Discord:

Discord works perfectly with all the VPNs mentioned above.

Procedure #5: Reinstall Discord

The only option left for you is to reinstall Discord if none of the methods above work and you still cannot resolve the Discord awaiting endpoint error.Discord awaiting endpoint- Discord Reinstall
Any corrupted files of Discord will be replaced as soon as you reinstall it, and all the problems with the application will be resolved.

It is important to install the latest discord version before you can do this. The older version on your computer needs to be uninstalled after you download it.

The software can be completely uninstalled and associated files can be deleted using various tools as well.

Attempt to install Discord again after it has been completely removed from your computer.

I hope you will be able to resolve the Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error with the help of this guide without needing any professional help.

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