Counting Bot

Counting Bot is a bot that runs the channel of counting for you. If the user is able to count incorrectly, it will be removed. Users also cannot count two times in a row, which means that they have to alternate.

counting botBot Name: Counting Bot Version: Beta Release

Description: Controls a countdown channel in which users must make their count in order. If a user counts incorrectly, the counting bots will immediately remove the entry. If a person is counted twice in one row, it will be removed as well, which means that the counting needs to change between the members.

Counting can help increase participation with your server, and gives users an activity to engage with.
Counting Bot is simple to use, and can be initiated with a simple command.

Counting Bot Commands

c.startcount – starts counting in a channel.

The administrator must be given permission to grant the required permission.

c.setcount Set counting to a specific number within the channel.

Permissions required: Administrator

c.endcount ends counting the channel.

Permissions required: Administrator

c.invite to invite you to join. Click here to get the invite link to the channel.

Permissions required: None to view all bot commands for counting.

No permission is required.

c;new | Creates a new counting channel

c;merge | Sets up the bot in a existing counting channel

Regular Commands

c;vote | Vote for the bot to advertise your server or recive a random powerup

c;stats | Get yours or someone else’s stats

c;leaderboard | Gets the global and server leaderboard

c;info | Gets some bot information

Admin Commands (Requires Manage Channels Perms)

c;milestones | Toggles milestones

c;powerups | Toggles powerups

c;curses | Toggles curses

c;userlimit | Toggles the one count-per-user limit

c;extend | Adds to the current goal of the counting channel.

Use c;help or c;help [command] for additional help!

How to Add Counting Bot To Your Server

While the majority of multi-purpose bots feature an uncomplicated counting system, it is a highly configurable bot designed for the sole purpose of managing counting channels. It’s a great little bot that can be an excellent alternative to numerous discord servers. The bot can create and manage a channel in which your members of your server can join together. It also had fun features, like statistics, leaderboards and milestones as well as power-ups, curses streaks, and so on!

New! You are now able to vote to endorse your server! Make sure the bot has been installed on the server you’d like to advertise , and you can vote using the c;vote!

Administrators can execute the command c:new [numberto create a new channel, or c;new [number] for the creation of a brand-new channel or merge to begin in the existing channel. This is the channel the bot will operate in. There is currently only the number of channels per server.

When the channel is created after the channel is created, participants of your server are urged to join in until they’ve met the desired goal. The bot will delete all messages that don’t count. If milestones are reached the bot will issue an announcement. Administrators can disable milestone announcements by entering milestones [onoffmilestones [on within the chat channel. Sometimes while you are counting, you will find the power-up. They can aid you in reaching your target quicker. Like milestones, admins are able to switch them off using the command c;powerups off. In the same way, you could encounter curses, which are an alternative to power-ups. (Turn off these with the command c;curses)

You can view your statistics anytime with the c.stats application. It will display the number of numbers you’ve tallied and powerups that you’ve found or curses you’ve encountered the longest and most recent streak and even votes. You can view the server’s stats using this command, too. Utilize the command c;leaderboards to look at both the server and the global leaderboards.

When the goal is met after which the channel will be closed. Administrators can increase this goal any point by using the command c;extend[new goalto reach the goal.