How To Hyperlink In Discord

How To Hyperlink In Discord

You must have seen discord users sharing hyperlinks within text, also known as text link formatting. Hyper-Links are a great way for your forum and chat content to stand out. These links are a quick way to add information to your discord chat via a link rather than using long, messy links. Hyperlink looks something like … Read more

How to Restart Discord (2023) – Windows & Mac

How to Restart Discord

Although you might be ready to stream or play, your discord is not opening or stuck. In this article three methods will show you how to restart and refresh discord. Discord is one the most used chat apps in the world. However, discord can also be known for having all kinds of problems. There are ways … Read more

Discord Bot Tatsumaki Commands 2023

Tatsumaki Commands

This is the complete list of Tatsumaki Discord Bot Commands or Tatsu Bot Commands, an extremely powerful Discord bot. Moderation, increasing the number of users chatting on the Discord servers, and much more are all possible with it. The following list includes some of the most commonly used Tatsumaki commands. Tatsumaki Discord Bot Commands are … Read more

How to Uninstall Better Discord

How to Uninstall Better Discord

There are many people who use Discord, which is a chat application largely used by gamers or educational institutions. A discord extension called Better Discord makes chatting on the app much more convenient. Better Discord makes Discord even better, as the name suggests. Due to some reasons, if you don’t find the Better discord extension … Read more

Groovy Bot Not Working

Discord lovers are chatting while playing games and listening music using music Bot. But there may be issue that Groovy Bot not working.  The following guide will show you how to fix the Groovy Music Bot so it will work on your Discord server. This tutorial will teach you how to make the Groovy bot play … Read more

Yggdrasil Bot Commands

Yggdrasil Bot Commands

Yggdrasil is a Discord bot that allows users to engage in more fun and better conversations by powering bots, music and games right inside Discord servers. Installing the Yggdrasil Bot commands can bring more life to your chat experience. Plus, this bot has tons of commands so that you can play around with it and … Read more

Dad Bot Discord Commands

Introducing Dad Bot—the artificial intelligence assistant that will make your parenting life a little easier. With Dad Bot on your side, you’ll never have to worry about what to do next when it comes to raising children. Dad Bot will keep track of your kids’ schedules, monitor their online activity, and even remind you when … Read more

Discord Groovy Bot Commands – Guide 2023

A Discord groovy bot allows discord users to add songs to a music channel within the discord server. With the Groovy bot, you can add music to a queue, create playlists from platforms such as YouTube or Spotify, etc., and all of these tasks can be performed with a few commands. There are many features … Read more

How to Fully Uninstall Discord on Windows 10 – 2021

How to Fully Uninstall Discord

It is not uncommon for users to remove Discord from their computers because, after the program has been uninstalled and reinstalled, all information remains on the computer. This information contains profile data, cache history. Discord offers an excellent means of communication while gaming. Alternatively, if you prefer another program and uninstall Discord or reinstall it … Read more

How to Inspect Element on Discord

How to inspect element on discord

To create fake discord messages, this article will show you how to inspect element on discord. A user can rename their username, change their nickname, customize their messages, and modify their emojis using the inspect element. As an amazing platform that’s often used in the gaming world, Discord is also used frequently for friendly banter. The … Read more

Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error | How To Fix in 2021

Discord Awaiting Endpoint

Among the gamer community, Discord is, without doubt, one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Despite its simplicity, and its significant number of features, Discord sometimes becomes frustrating to use because of the time it requires, and it keeps throwing strange errors. An error in Discord is Discord awaiting endpoint. Discord problems that are … Read more