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Managing a Discord server is an adventure, and even though the Discord platform allows you much freedom on how your community should look and function, there can be times when things can get too much.
It can be a challenge trying to control and manage your Discord server due to rowdy members, unexpected conflicts, civilized discussions taking a turn for the worse, and taking care of trolls. However, there is good news. You don’t have to do all of it yourself.

There are many people who use Discord as a place to hang out, text and chat about their favorite shows, video games, books, and other activities. A Discord community is available for literally everything under the sun, but maintaining a large audience can be a pain. Things become more manageable when you install and use bots.

Using such bots as MEE6 Bot and Rythm Bot, you can manage your Discord server better, streamline processes, and increase member engagement in no time at all. The best part of all is that they’re free, and even some come with a premium version that lets you use all the extra features you’re getting free. So here we will take a look at Carl-Bot, how to use Carl Bot, how to set up Carl Bot, and much more.

If you are a Discord server manager who wants to find out how to make things easier for yourself and your members, keep reading.

What is Carl Bot?

You can manage logs, store chats, and make up reactions using the Carl Bot, like many other Discord server bots you can find online. In addition, it keeps spam free by not letting attachments, links, or spam through, and even penalizes those who post it.

In addition, it allows you to keep a close eye on your engagements with your users through starboards as well as create a friendly community by putting up welcome messages for new members. It might seem complicated at first to dive into the Carl bot if you are just learning how to use the Discord server. Different bots exist such as Dyno Bot. We have made a comprehensive guide on how to use Dyno Bot for your Discord server.

Carl bot can be your best option if you are prepared to do some advanced changes to your Discord server.

In the beginning, it has a whole bunch of features that are completely yours to utilize when it comes to moderating members and the content on your Discord server and channels. Further details with regard to these topics will follow in our next section.

Carl Bot Commands and Features

The Carl Bot is a great tool for managing and moderating your Discord server. There are some fundamental details to keep an eye out for when using a product used by more than 1.7 million servers:

Reaction Roles:

One of Carl bot’s best features is the ability to assign roles to members and moderators. This can be extremely beneficial if there are many members in the community. Once you set up a message for members to react to, a role will be automatically assigned to them depending on their choice of reaction.

Carl Bot Discord has more than 250 available roles, and using them is an effective way of limiting and banning spammers from coming into your Discord server. You can also create neat embeds without needing to type out every emoji or role, as well as blacklist or whitelist members.

Log chats and everything else:

You can also log every message that occurs in your server, member updates, number of members joined and left any updates you applied, and much more. It is a helpful tool to keep a backlog of all the events on your server.

AutoMod to moderate effectively even when you’re offline:

Configuring AutoMod with Carl bot is extremely advantageous since you can set the maximum punishment members can receive for breaking rules, set those rules, handle spam, offensive language, and much more.

Welcome new members:

Easily customize welcome messages for new or departing members, and embed them with their own variables.

Carl bot permissions:

The permissions system in the bot allows you to manage bulk command rules in the main dashboard. In doing so, you are not causing annoyance to anyone else. And once setup is complete, you don’t have to touch it again unless there’s an update or upgrade to the system. You can also modify commands with ease using the bot’s capability to mutate their behavior or override default settings.

How to Set Up Carl Bot ?

Now that you’ve learned more about Carl bot, you may be wondering how to use it. Don’t worry, setting it up is a piece of cake and won’t require much tweaking.


Here are the steps to install Carl bot on your Discord server:

  1. In your browser, go to
  2. Click on the Login link in the top-right corner. Type in your Discord server’s details under your email address if you’re not already registered.Carl Bot Discord
  3. Once you are logged in, you can choose a Discord server from the list available.Carl Bot Discord Server List
  4. Choose the features you want and click Accept on the resulting page.Carl Bot Accept
  5. You should be able to see the Carl bot in your main dashboard once you login to your Discord Server.Carl Bot Features
  6. You can now go to the Commands tab on your Carl Bot dashboard and apply all the commands we discussed above and much more.

You can see that setting up Carl bot for your Discord server is extremely easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes. The information provided here is hoped to be helpful to you.

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how to make reaction roles on discord carl bot


Carl Bot Online Dashboard

  • Log into Carlbot’s dashboard via your web browser on your laptop, computer or tablet or even your mobile phone
  • It comes with a user-friendly embed builder and color picker for easy jobs , or for customizing colors for those who require it.
  • Control the bot’s prefix as well as nickname
  • Command permissions
  • Welcome or farewell message (with embeds)
  • Manage and create the starboard from the web directly
  • Manage automod settings
  • Configure logging
  • Autoroles are set up and sticky roles
  • Edit and create customized commands, responses, and repeated announcements directly via the website (with embeds)
  • Rapid, modern design, and immediate updates. It’s impossible to go wrong.

Carl Bot Role Management


Carlbot can assign roles to users when they join your server. It can also – with stickyroles , assign them that role when they quit and return.

Delayed Autoroles

It is great for assigning roles that ensures members are in the #rules channel long enough for them to go through the rules (hopefully)

Reaction Roles

Carlbot’s reactions are swift and easy to configure, and customizable and do not limit the possibilities for you. In contrast to other bots that offer responses, Carlbot allows for ‘unique roles’, meaning that users can only select only one role in a message (useful for colours).

What are the limits it has?

The same role can’t be assigned to two distinct messages. What else is there? Nothing.

  • Are you looking to set one role for one channel? Do it!
  • Want for 250 additional roles in a single message? It’s a bit odd, but technically feasible.

“!rr make” can be used as an interactive set-up command that lets you start with reactions roles. It assists you in creating an embed and then adding reactions roles to it. Also it allows you to mark messages as unique (members are only able to take only one specific role) Use the !rr unique. it will show the message IDs of the messages for each reaction role by entering “!rr show”.

Automod – Goodbye to mentionspam, raids, and more

Does it violate your server’s rules to share invite links to servers that you don’t? The automod feature of Carlbot will automatically execute specific penalties, such as the ability to immediately delete the message by temporarily blocking or muting the sender, and so on.

You may also:

  • Add multiple punishment actions to an example of infraction by pressing an icon
  • PM/DM users to tell them of the reasons why the action was made
  • Transfer violations to a particular channel for your moderator team to determine what actions to do next.
  • Utilize Carlbot’s mod-log functions that allow moderators to take the responsibility for their actions

Carl Bot’s Granular Permission System

  • Each command must be given the right to follow its own rules
  • Control commands in bulk on the website
  • Add global settings
  • Send output to another channel, muffle output, or keep the spammy commands in a specific bot-channel
  • Make use of it to your maximum potential without ever bothering anyone

Extensive Logging “The consequences of every act are included in the act itself”

There is no Big Brother quite like Carlbot. Track when members join, leave, create invites, change their username or avatar, and more, by logging the server’s actions and those of users with Carlbot. With the option of splitting the logging into five distinct channels The bot ensures that you have all the information in a clear and uncluttered manner.

Someone has altered an email to hide their the server’s rules? Carlbot will help you understand this.

Customization – Let Carlbot do even more for you. Seriously.


Custom commands are simple to configure However, they are incredibly powerful “blocks for those who are willing to take the time to. For instance, consider an example

 !tag + mathskillz $author really #{4|Likes~hates} math

If someone uses the mathskillz command, Carlbot will draw one response more often than the others depending on the :

A majority of the time, it is called upon
…it will reply:
!mathskillz 80 “@UserThatMadeTheTag really likes math”
!mathskillz 20 “@UserThatMadeTheTag really hates math”

Custom Welcome

  • Do you want to make sure that users get the best first impression? Carlbot will send out messages to users once they sign up. It also has the possibility of using various variables, including their name as well as their ordinal number from the server’s members. This time, embeds are now supported.

Custom Embeds

  • Create embeds with a high-quality readability that provide channels for rules, expectations FAQs, rules, and more
  • If you’re wondering: of course you can utilize them in automated feeds and custom tags and much more. Carlbot is so good.

Command Management

  • Carlbot lets you control who can access which commands. By default, certain commands are only available to mods as explained in the manual
  • Are you worried about bots spamming commands that contain images/links to output? Select a bot channel output, to ensure chat channels are clear of clutter

Community Building


  • Just like mom who pinned your sketches to the fridge and the Starboard is a way where users can save their posts using emoticons
  • Posts have to be able to reach the requirements of a certain number of stars that are rewarded – and this is, naturally, what you can modify


  • Members can suggest ideas for the server
  • Carlbot will assign the suggestion a number send it to the channel you have specified and let your members choose to upvote or downvote the idea.
  • Carlbot will set up a suggestions channel for you, making use of !suggestion channel or you can create your own channel and then set Carlbot to send suggestions on it.
  • Modify the amount of votes required to change the color of the embed of suggestion, which could represent that there were enough votes to force the admin/mod team to take the suggestion into consideration.
  • If you’d like to, Carlbot will also DM/PM users after approving or rejecting the suggestion they made
  • Utilizing a suggestion-log channel can ensure that all members of your server up-to-date about the state of the suggestions which have received decisions taken


  • Feeds and Autofeeds are the best way to announce announcements and even send a specific role a ping without having to face the inconveniences and abuse that can result of having a role that is pingable or manually switching between roles that are pingable and non-pingable roles.
  • Automatic feeds are often viewed as group reminders because they have a lot in common with reminders:

Twitch Notifications

  • It also has the capability to allow non-mods to add an amount of channels (useful for letting members self-add themselves)

Carl Bot Discord Commands




ignore [channels…] [commands…] !ignore #general #log #adminsonly “temp home” ping activity If no channel is specified, the current channel is ignored. If a command is supplied, it will ignore that command in the specified channel. Manage server bypasses this. You can supply more than one channel and or command.
ignore server !ignore server This is essentially the same as making the entire bot mod-only
ignore all [commands…] !ignore all “pc top” ping This is equal to typing !ignore channel command subcommand in all channels the bot can see, useful if you want to ignore a command in all channels except for one. This will not work for channels created in the future. If the command is already ignored in a channel, this will unignore it.
unignore [channels…] [command…] !unignore #general #log temp ping Reverses what !ignore does
unignore all !unignore all Unignores all channels (this does not take ignored commands into account)
disable <commands…> !disable “pc top” rr temp This really disables the command globally from the server, not even manage server bypasses this.
enable <commands…> !enable “pc top” ping “tag info” Enables one or more previously disabled commands.
enable all !enable all Sets all commands to enabled.
disable all !disable all Sets all commands to disabled.
enable mod !enable mod Enables all moderation commands
disable mod !disable mod Disables all moderation commands
enable list !enable list Shows all enabled/disabled commands.
restrict <command> !restrict define This requires a bot channel to utilize. Makes it so that if the command is used outside of the bot channel, the bot will ping the user in the botchannel and give the results there instead.
unrestrict <command> !unrestrict d Unrestricts it. Like all commands where you pass in a command, aliases work just as well.
set bot <channel> !set bot #botspam Sets the channel used for restricted commands to be redirected to.
modonly <command> !modonly echo Makes a command usable by mods only
unmodonly <command> !unmodonly dog Removes a command from the modonly list
modrole <role> !modrole bot commander Makes it so that any member with the specified role is seen as a moderator by the bot. This does not allow members with this role to kick, ban, mute, warn or any variation of these commands.
modrole clear !modrole clear Removes the modrole
prefix !prefix Lists the prefixes currently in use by the server
prefix add <prefix> !prefix add “sudo “ Adds a prefix to be used by the bot (limited to 10) NOTE if you want a two word prefix or a prefix with a space after it or an emoji you must use quotes, this is a discord limitation and can’t be fixed
prefix set <prefix> !prefix set “haha “ Sets the specified prefix to be the ONLY prefix in the server
prefix remove <prefix> !prefix remove ! Removes a prefix, same limits as !prefix add applies here, can’t remove mentioning the bot.
prefix clear !prefix clear Removes all prefixes except mentioning the bot. This (obviously) means you need to mention the bot to register more prefixes


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