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The rampant spread of coronavirus has brought the world to its knees like no other disease in recent history. With the virus not having reached its potential in India, we might have a chance to avoid it from exploding in the country. On-ground measures are being taken by the government to restrict all unnecessary human movement, but that has caused a whole another wave of fake news and half-truths as people are forced to stay indoors for the foreseeable future.

In dire cases like these, the panic created can be vastly damaging as well. To avoid the outgrowth of false information-created dystopia, and be aware of every happening, here’s a compilation of online resources that you should keep handy to know the exact scenario of the coronavirus in India and bunk all myths that are associated with it.

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Firstly, it’s crucial to obtain your information from credible sources. For COVID-19, the World Health Organisation’s website is your best bet to find all the relevant information along with regular updates from around the world. You’ll also find specific details on how countries are combatting the spread and other best practices to adopt to ensure safety. Almost every breakthrough will be reported by the WHO.


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