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2048 Cupcakes Reverse is a modified version of most liked sliding puzzle game 2048. The original game was designed by an Italian programmer during off days from the University on Saturday and Sunday. 2048 cupcakes is also one of the altered version of 2048 game. In 2048 game two similar digits are slides together to merge and to make the bigger numbered slide. Game lover who loves 2048 puzzle and interested to play different versions of this addictive game. This is a very simple puzzle game for kids.

How to Play 2048 Game?

When you are interested to play 2048 game click the link from the sidebar. You have to follow the steps to start with little success. As you playing according to the given rules then you will be getting better results. Here’s the journey starts:


How to Play 2048 Cupcakes?

To play 2048 Cupcakes games you have to follow simple procedure just like doing math questions 2+2, 4+4, 8+8. …

How to Play 2048 Cupcakes Reverse?

2048 Cupcakes Reverse is one of the derived from 2048 cupcakes game. Basically, this game allows you to arrange two cupcakes of the same flavour and colour, if you have done that voilà! You have raised your count of calories aka score. But don’t forget to keep your plank empty for the future cupcakes.

2048 cupcakes reverse is exactly same game as the 2048 cupcakes. But the difference is only that step one of 2048 cupcake game is the last step of 2048 Cupcakes Reverse.

Credit of this game should be given to the Italian programmer named Gabriele Cirulli. Who developed 2048 game. He used HTML, JavaScript and CSS to design this sliding puzzle game for kids. 2048 is popular among one of unblocked games. Children may play in their schools during free times. I hope you will enjoy every version of 2048 game. If you want to play click the link below.


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